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Dev Note #133: 5.0 The New Game Update Notice Part 2

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs.   Recently, there was an issue regarding the Bond Ticket in the Heir Pass, thus we would like to share some details on it. After that, we would share more information about new features that are coming in the 5.0 update.   ================================================= Bond Ticket =================================================   Originally, the bond ticket was developed as a system that would allow users to try out and use newly released servants. However, after reviewing the bond ticket upon release, we concluded that much more bond tickets were released and it wasn't due to purchases (Karats or IAP).   This had an effect on the severe fall of revenue that we had to endure. So without a choice, we have been reducing the number of bond tickets being released, including in the Heir Pass starting September. Many have shared their comments and suggestions regarding this which we decided to re-add the bond ticket in the Heir Pass after an internal review.   Thus, we would like to apologize to everyone for previously making changes in the Heir Pass without making any notices.   When the bond ticket was first released, it did not have any feature that would serve as a middle leg in growing servants. However, the decompose system was later added which provides another method for the user to grow new servants.   Because of several reasons we have explained above, we may reconsider bringing back karat purchases or even as an event reward, however it will be difficult to bring it back any time soon. We ask for your patience in this regard, and we will continue to include the ticket in the Heir Pass.   From the developer perspective, we are always thinking about how we can make the game better and provide an enjoyable experience to all users. We try tirelessly in developing new packages, change package contents and prices, and even remove certain packages to fit the game situation to allow us to retain our revenue. This is one of the choices to become a game that can last a long time with the users, so please understand our choice behind the bond ticket.   ================================================= All-In-One Pack Changes =================================================   The Auto-Repeat feature, which is one the most important benefits in the All-In-One Pack, is changing due to the release of the new "Skip" feature. The 400+ Auto-Repeat count will be removed and 400+ Energy count will be added as it has been mentioned in the previous dev note. However, the 400+ Purifying Grounds count will remain the same. Starting from the 5.0 Update, the main benefit of All-In-One is the increase in the overall maximum count. In detail, the maximum energy count will be increased with the purchase of the All-In-One Pack. Before the 5.0 update, you would have to leave the game on all night to run 550 times to farm servant shards. After the 5.0 update, you can use the skip feature 550 times when you log into the game. Thus, the need to leave the game on all night will no longer be needed. The farming time will significantly reduce and we expect the user to spend more time in content strategies and team building.   We have been doing a vote event regarding the reduction of All-In-One pack price. We decided to change the contents of the All-In-One Pack and the price due to new changes in 5.0 and the new skip feature.   Starting with the 5.0 Update, the All-In-one Pack price will be reduced from $89.99 -> $69.99 and a sale price of $49.99.   New All-In-One Pack Contents > Daily Karats 500 -> 300 > Daily Valor 7,500 -> 8,000 > Epic Guild Gift Chest -> Rare Guild Gift Chest > All-In-One Gift Chest (Removed) > EXP 10% Boost (Removed)   The price reduction of the All-In-One pack will reduce our revenue, however, we want more users to know about this pack and use them more often in the game.   Thus, we revamped the pack by retaining as many benefits as we can so that the pack can be beneficial to all users.   We cannot skip talking about the Bond ticket that was in the All-In-one Gift Chest. There wasn't much purchase of a Bond ticket in the game, thus we have analyzed that the main reason for users in purchasing All-In-One Pack was not due to the Bond Ticket. It is sad to remove the All-In-One Gift Chest, however, we believe that it is much better for the users if we reduce to price of All-In-One and retain its main benefits with minimal reductions.   There is a slight reduction in daily Karats, however, all users that have purchased All-In-One pack before the update will continue to receive 500 Karats, 7,500 Valor, and 10% EXP Boost until the remaining time of the Pack duration.   ================================================= Skip Feature and Other Changes =================================================   We have briefly discussed the new upcoming "Skip" feature in the previous Dev Note. Everyone might not fully understand the Skip feature and would like to know more in detail, so we decided to explain more in a Q&A style.   Q. Is valor going to be removed with the release of Energy? Can we run Explore or Dungeons with Valors as we are in the v4.7 update? A. The Valor is not going to be removed. Energy can be used only in Explore, Sanctuary, Mass Invasion, and Dungeons. Valors can be used in Purifying Grounds, Corrupted Waterway, Guild Dungeon, Raids, World Battle, and Abbadon Tower.   Q. How do you use Energy? What's the difference between "Skip" and a regular play? A. If you did not clear stages in explore or dungeons, you can attempt those stages by using 1 energy. If you already cleared those stages, you can use Skip to instantly receive rewards. The skip will allow a maximum of 100 times and you can receive 100 times clear bonus instantly.   Q. When you use the Skip Feature, does it consume both Valor and Energy? A. No. The use of Energy and Valor is separated. If you use Skip 100 times in Dungeon or Explore, it will only consume 100 Energies.   Q. If you use 100 Energies with the Skip feature, when can you use it again? is there a cooldown time on energies? A. There aren't any cooldown times on energies. If you have excess energy, you can use it again.   Q. What are the conditions in using the Skip feature? A. For Explore, Sanctuary, and Mass Invasion, you can only use it in stages where you have cleared it with perfect 3★. If you did not clear the stage with perfect 3★, then you can attempt to clear the stage by consuming 1 energy. For Gear Dungeons (Omen & Heide) and Awakening Dungeons, there aren't any ★ clear requirements. As long as you have cleared the stage, you can use the skip feature. (Awakening Dungeon 11th Floor and 12th Floor is excluded from the Skip Feature. Only repeat battle is allowed for the 11th and 12th floor). ex1) Perfect 3★ clear in Sanctuary - Door of the Sun 1-1: Skip Enabled. ex1) 2★ clear in Sanctuary - Door of the Sun 4-1: Skip Disabled. Able to clear the stage by clicking "Battle"   Q. If I farm shards with Skip, can I still receive Repeat Reward? A. Yes, you can receive Repeat Reward just like before. For example, if you skip Light Heylel region Door of Truth 9-3 100 times, you will receive Light Heylel shard and Repeat Reward (Valor and Gold) equivalent to 100 rounds of the stage.   Q. What do you do after using all the Energies on Skip? A. We probably received the most feedback regarding this concern. The central idea of 5.0 Update is that "Heirs shouldn't spend too much time on farming. Heirs shouldn't be forced to leave their mobile device or app player on the whole day to farm." We believe that there is no way such repeated farming can be exciting, and we expect players to spend the time they saved from farming after this update on improving servants or developing strategy for new contents.   We will be making additional improvements and content updates in the future. Please stay tuned for future updates.   ================================================= Mystery Dungeon Adjustment =================================================   The initial purpose of Mystery Dungeon was to provide useful way for Heirs to obtain Nat ★3 Fire/Water/Forest servants to Combine or Nat ★3 Light/Dark servants that can be useful early game. We also wanted to see Heirs interacting with each other as they share Mystery Dungeon they encounter during their gameplay for additional rewards.   However, after multiple updates, it became much easier than the past to obtain Nat ★3 Fire/Water/Forest servants from Explore, and Mystery Dungeon became another daily task that Heirs complete to obtain Nat ★3 Light/Dark servant for fusing. This trend made it difficult for us to make changes to Mystery Dungeon to make it more convenient or efficient, and we have been getting continuous suggestion to reduce the daily limit on Mystery Dungeon entry.   We tried our best to come up with changes that would provide better experience for Heirs. After lengthy review, we will be making changes below in 5.0 Update. > Mystery Dungeon entry limit will be reduced to half while the reward will be doubled. > Dungeon Boss level of Mystery Dungeon will be increased. > Nat ★3 Light/Dark servants from Combine material will be replaced with Nat ★4 Fire/Water/Forest servants.   While we aimed to reduce time spent everyday on farming in 5.0 Update, there were some issue in terms of development to include Mystery Dungeon in this Update. As an alternative, we reduced the daily entry limit by half. Since farming Light/Dark Mystery Dungeon usually happens in higher level gameplay, we increased the level of dungeons Boss by a small amount. Those who used to farm in previous Mystery Dudgeon should not have any problem farming in the new Mystery Dungeon When you Combine a Nat ★5 servant, only Nat ★4 Fire/Water/Forest servants will be used. All these Nat ★4 Fire/Water/Forest servants will be obtainable through Combining Fire/Water/Forest Nat ★3 servants.   ================================================= Co-Destruction -> Overpower =================================================   Currently same servants cancel out each others' passive when they are the same level. This means that even if you invest great amount of resources on a servant to reach 10T & Level 80, the passive of the servant is completely useless if you encounter an opponent with the same servant of the same level. This impacted overall team building significantly.   Many Heirs have provided suggestion regarding Co-Destruction, and starting from 5.0 Update, the passive of two servants will remain active instead of activating Co-Destruction to cancel the passive if the servants have the same transcendence level. If there are identical servants with different transcendence level, the passive of the servant with lower transcendence level will be canceled.   ================================================= Special Potential #3 Effect Change =================================================   As we notified earlier, as part of our effort to balance out certain effects, we will be making adjustments to effects that activate when the battle starts since they have been extremely powerful.   All effects of all classes that activate upon the start of the battle will be adjusted. Please check out the table below for summary of the changes. (S tier effects)  

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #133: 5.0 The New Game Update Notice Part 2 image 3
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #133: 5.0 The New Game Update Notice Part 2 image 4
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #133: 5.0 The New Game Update Notice Part 2 image 5
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #133: 5.0 The New Game Update Notice Part 2 image 6

We will take multiple steps with balance adjustment of effects. We will be bringing another adjustment in the next update. We believe that these updates will leave positive impact on PvP balance, and servant balance in general.   That's it for today.   We always try to stay on top of Heirs' feedback. While there were several challenges, we believe 5.0 Update can make Heir of Light even better game. Please feel free to leave any question in the comment below.   Thank you.   Flynn

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  • 老黑 LV.17 Sage Oct 8, 2020, 12:48 PM

    There will be no need fot strategy if u dont remove the anger system.

  • Sieben LV.2 Lurker Oct 8, 2020, 01:03 PM

    All I’m going to say is I have 60k Valor for grinding and you’re changing where I can use it and it’s only in areas we don’t spend much time in......... how about we get a proportional amount of energy to the Valor we Already have?

  • Sop4lin LV.4 Lurker Oct 8, 2020, 03:09 PM

    They already announced that you will be able to exchange valor for energy, a conversion, once update hits. They said it last dev note