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Dev Note #137: 5.1 Update Preview

Dev Notes
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Greeting Heirs,   For today's Dev Note, we would like to share some information regarding the 5.1 Update and changes for Guild War / Guild War Purifying Grounds that many have suggested in the past.   ⭕Guild War & Guild War Purifying Ground   After the Guild War update, many have shared variety of suggestions and we have been continuously checking the Guild War progress and how guilds have been changing through out the game. Some have contested against stronger guilds by recruiting new powerful users, some have formed a new guild to pursue consecutive wins, and some have been focusing on retaining their current rank in the Guild War.   We wanted to resolve possible issues that may arouse due to the   In order to improve the problems that appear as the guild war proceeds, we introduced guild growth and allowed defeated guilds to use the Guild Purifying Ground with Karats. However, there seem to be a problem that users feel a big gap due to missing out on important currencies based on win/loss.   We have been debating and discussed this issue and have decided to make changes in the next update as below.   1. Guild Growth EXP Requirement Reduction   We have believed that it would resolve some issue with Guild War Purifying Ground if the Karat Cost would reduce after level up the Guild level with Guild Members. However, the speed of Guild Growth was slower than we expected which continued to put pressure regarding the Karat Cost of the Purifying Ground. Thus, we have reduced the exp requirements to level up the guild by half and make adjustment for previous Guild EXP. So after the 5.1, the guild level will be higher than the current guild level. Ex) If your Guild Level is currently Level 4~5, then the Guild Level will be around Level 6~7 and will receive benefits to match the Guild Level.   2. Karat Cost for the Guild War Purifying Grounds Reduction up to 99%. We thought that the complaints regarding the Guild War Purifying Ground usage was the heart of the problem. In order to alleviate this issue we have reduced the cost of using the Guild War Purifying Grounds for defeated Guilds by 99%. Thus, the karat cost for Guild War Purifying Grounds will greatly reduce upon increasing the Guild Level.   Karat Cost per Guild Level for Guild Purifying Ground

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As shown above, the karat cost will reduce in higher rates per level compare to the current rate. Also, with the reduction of Guild Level EXP, you will be able to reach Level 10 much faster than before.   ⭕Servant Balance Adjustment   As we mentioned before, we need to adjust performance of some effects while we address some situations where too many effects take place at once. We notified the community with earlier Dev Note that we will be a taking step by step approach addressing these issues.   We also got several feedbacks about performance of Ignore-DEF servants. We decided to take various approaches to make other servants beside Ignore-DEF servants more powerful. Please check out the servant balance changes below.   🔶Skill Gauge will recharge while servants are under Freeze effect   We have been getting feedbacks that Freeze is too powerful in PvP and Infinite PvP. Some Heirs added that Freeze resistance through Potential is just not enough. To adjust the performance of Freeze, skill gauge of servants will recharge even when they are under Freeze effect.     🔶Silence Duration Adjustment   Current silence duration allowed continuous silence on the enemy. Therefore, duration of all skills that "Silence all enemies for 15 seconds" will be adjusted to 8 seconds instead of 15. Skills that "Silence one enemy for 15 seconds" will remain the same.     🔶DEF Buff & DEF Wave Effect Adjustment   The reason servants beside Ignore-DEF DPS servants couldn't do much damage was because DEF buff provided significant amount of boost to DEF stat. Therefore, we will be reducing value of max DEF buff from 70% to 50%. After 5.1 Update, servants that are not Ignore DEF servants will be able to do more damage than before.     🔶DEF Based Servant Stat Adjustment   The DEF Buff & DEF Wave Effect Adjustment above could make DEF based servants weaker. To compensate for the change above, we will be increasing DEF stat of all DEF Based DPS servants. This change applies to all DEF Based DPS servants, and it also applies to servants like Light Nuu & Dark Carmilla that has conditional Ignore DEF attack,     🔶Reduce DEF Ignore Damage received 18% -> 20%   Even though we updated Reduce DEF Ignore Damage Receive Potential, Ignore DEF DPS servants are still powerful. Therefore, we will be increasing the max value of DEF Ignore Damage reduction potential from 18% to 20%.     🔶All-In-One Discount Termination   All-In-One Discount we offered since 5.0 Update will be terminated. Starting 5.1 Update All-In-One Pack will become $69.99. Also, All-in-One pack will be available for purchase within a day after the benefits end starting 5.1 Update.   That's it for today.   Thank you   Flynn  

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  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Oct 31, 2020, 12:48 PM

    and what are you doing with light Asphix !?!?
    t10 light AS one shots t9 ld healer/support. cant use reduce damage pots on support/healer.
    def ignore + aoe; when and how do you intend to deal with her !?
    hope not in 2022.