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Dev Note #142: Christmas Event Preview

Dev Notes
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  Greetings Heirs,   We hope that everyone enjoyed the last dev note that discussed upcoming content for the 12/21 Update. For today's Dev note, we would like to share some information regarding upcoming Christmas Events.   💥 Christmas Event #1   We had many events in the past such as "Drop Events", "In-Game Events, "Attendance Events" and on. But it felt that we did not focus much on season events. So, we decided to have specials winter events for all Heirs to enjoy.   For the 1st event, it will be a special Christmas log-in event. The event will start on 12/21 and end on 12/27 (Server Time). Everyone will be able to receive special rewards every day during the log-in event time so make sure to log in every day!   The list of rewards consists of conversion stones, elemental stones, and special summon shards. Also, Fire/Water/Forest 5★ Summon Stone (Select) and Light/Dark 3~5★ Summon Stone will be rewarded during the log in Event. *12/24 - Fire/Water/Forest 5★ Summon Stone (Select) *12/25 - Light/Dark 3~5★ Summon Stone x10   Lastly, 12/27 will be the last day to obtain snowflakes for the Winter Snowflake Event. So, we will be rewarding 1,000 Snowflakes on 12/27! Make sure to log in and don't miss out on them!   💥Christmas Event #2   Special Buff and Bonus events will be held during the Christmas season!   📍 Number 1! All awakening dungeons will be open from 12/22 ~ 12/27!   📍 Number 2! The 2x EXP and Gold buff will be applied during the whole Christmas Season (12/24 ~ 12/26)   📍 Number 3! The Christmas Special Avatar Sale Event will start on 12/22 until 1/5!   With the last dev note, we were able to hear honest feedback and suggestion from everyone. We believe that we can bring more improvements and a much better gaming experience by continuous communication with the community. We will continue to communicate and implement more suggestions into the game in the future.   Also, we have a special sneak peek of the upcoming servant. The next servant will be a Support/Healer Class Servant.   Thank you

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  • Coelestium LV.2 Lurker Dec 19, 2020, 02:49 PM

    For Christmas I'd like a Collab Summon stone. 😉