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Dev Note #143: 5.3 Update Preview

Dev Notes
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  Greetings Heirs,   We hope that everyone had a great new year! The 5.3 Update is already around the corner and we are tirelessly preparing for the update. After the 5.3 update, we will be working on the 5.4 update!   The most suggested feature, Auto-Repeat is coming back in the 5.3 Update! Also, the 5.3 update features a detailed level of Transcendence and a new servant Ella.   For today's dev note, we would like to share detailed information about the contents featuring in the 5.3 update.   Also, if you did not check out the 5.3 update preview, please make sure to check it out.   🔺 5.3 Update Preview:

  Return of Auto-Repeat   Many have shared feedback and suggestion requesting the return of the Auto-Repeat feature. We have debated whether we wanted to invest in development resources into the auto-repeat and also which direction we wanted to take with auto-repeat.   After a long discussion, we decided to go with an option that we have shared in the previous dev note. You will be able to use auto-repeat and also use skip with energy.   The auto servant auto-replace during auto-repeat will also return with Auto-repeat. You can set your auto-replace option in the setting and also the auto-replace will also replace servants during the skip.   Because the auto-repeat is available with valor, the 30% valor discount benefit will be added again in the All-In-One Pack. Also, we are preparing to have more valor sale events in the future.   When we were discussing the Auto-Repeat in the previous dev note, we have announced that the daily valor purchase was limited to 10. However, we decided to increase the limit to 12 thus, the daily valor purchase limit will be 12 times per day. We have increased the daily valor purchase limit from 10 to 12 because we wanted to bring more satisfaction to users who want to continuously invest time to upgrade their servant/team.     🔺 Transcendence Levels Elaboration   One of the most important contents that are being added in the 5.3 update is the elaboration of Transcendence Levels. Currently, everyone's farming shards in contents to level up the transcendence however, the path to reach T7~9 is very difficult.   The changes in Transcendence is our most anticipated changes and a change that will be very beneficial to all the users. The most beneficial part about the Transcendence change is that the servant can receive stats right away based on their transcendence level + transcendence EXP.   For example, you may have a servant that is T7 with 1400 EXP. Before the changes, you would only receive stats of T7 and the 1400 exp would only stay as an exp that would count towards T8. After the change, the servant would be able to receive an increased stats that fit the T7 + 1400 EXP.   Due to the new transcendence level elaboration, we had to reduce the Transcendence exp to segment them evenly. Thus, we will be returning excess Transcendence EXP as transcendence shards to all users to their mailbox.   🔺 New Servant Ella   Many have been curious about the new servant. We have shared some details about the new servant in the previous dev note that the new servant is the Healer/Support class. The Fire/Dark Ella is a Support Class and Water/Forest/Light Ella is Healer Class. Ella is a servant that users various potions and fireworks to casts buffs to allies and debuffs on enemies. The special characteristic of Support Class Ella is that she has a passive skill that dissolves enemy armor with special potions, which means that her role is to reduce enemy DEF.   The special characteristic of Healer Class Ella is that she protects allies with special potions. Her role is to protect allies by casting random immunities. The full detailed information of Ella will be available in the 5.3 Patch Notes after the 5.3 Update.   🔺 Boss Invasion Floor Expansion   We had many new features and contents that helped users in increasing the spec of their servants. The 7-star gear has been newly released and also the T10 was released this year. Because many users' specs are increasing, we are in process of creating new content that fits the levels of user's specs. One of the new content that is being updated in the 5.3 update is the Boss Invasion Floor Expansion. The Boss Invasion Floor will be expanded to the 9th floor and will require very high spec. The DEF Ignore rate resist / DEF Ignore Accuracy condition is the same as the 5th Floor. However, the HP requirement and ATK Class SPD Reduction requirement will increase as the floor increases. The daily rewards for Floor 6 ~9 consist of Transcendence Aura, Conversion Stone, and 7-star Legendary Gears. We look forward to seeing users challenge the newly added Boss Invasion Floors.   We plan to gradually increase the party raid and other content that many users talk about, so please look forward to it.   That's all for today's dev note.   Thank you

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  • Bruce Santos LV.2 Lurker Jan 3, 2021, 10:12 PM

    Hats off to all the devs for listening to the suggestions on this game. Please continue to go on this path. The longevity of this game will extend and prolonged if you keep improving the QOL.

    I am a returning player and I am happy to have the auto repeat function. Removing the limit of 150 would be better though.

    As for other important suggestions, please consider bringing a DEDICATED (weekly) return of collaboration servants. (on the summon and mass invasion). I believe this will benefit players who did not have the chance to get the coveted servants. And help balance the rankings. Help late comers cope up on this game! 😊

    Another thing, the shards of LnD servants are tormentingly freakingly hard to get for a free player. Please consider adding more LnD shard rewards. and Also adding LnD servants on mass onvasion will be a graeat idea..

    I know at the end of the day, its all about purchases, but please DO not JUST upgrade the PACKS for sharks to feast on, but rather upgrade the ingame rewards itself! Everyone will be more diligent in doing dailies if the rewards will be pumped up! 😊

    Also, the decompose feature is quite useless as it will not bring back 100% of your investments on a servant! Even if you use karats on it. I dont see the point of paying thousands of karats to decompose if you will not return 100% of materials. Grinding a servant to endgame is difficult enough, how much more if you invested on a wrong servant and you want to change main servants? its just a pure scheme, and is not aimed to help players. my suggestion would be 100% return on all materials including SKILL BUNS. But have it limited to 1 per month. That will suffice I guess.

    other areas for improvement
    1. vampire gear is useless!
    reduce set pcs to 2 or 3 and it may be viable
    or remove it totaly and have lifesteal as substat.

    servant rework:
    all sinistra especially water.

    PS: I love this game.. hope issues and suggestions will be addressed.

    Cheers to all the devs!

  • AsianLife LV.7 Nomad Jan 6, 2021, 06:04 AM

    1. Auto repeat being removed will give even less of a reason to buy any monthly packs such as All-In-One pack. The game is already lacking in number of whales, and hitting them with a nerf and buffing such a drastic point for F2P players will drive the game to shutdown due to lack of paying players.

    2. Collaboration servants are meant to be limited time. It is already fairly easy to get a single copy of each collab servant (for RGB at least) as a F2P, and you can build them up from there. People who whaled and spent money to get them before the event ended will quickly be pissed and likely quit because it devalues the money they spent to get those collab servants in the first place. Also, this has been brought up many times before in the official discord suggestions channel, and has been rejected every single time.

    3. Decompose is probably one of the most OP features of this game, behind bond tickets and fuse. It allows one to gain half the materials back invested into a unit, but the catch is the materials can be used on ANY unit of your choice. In essence, it is a select summon. Keep in mind the craftable select summon in the craft section forces you to craft away 8 nat5s to get a single select nat5. Decompose on the other hand allows you to craft the equivalent of a select summon with the only 2 nat5s, a four-fold efficiency bonus. It is FAR from useless, and in fact one of the most desired and used features of the game. The value of switching a servant from one to another is HUGE. Having it be available for free is just broken and not feasible. Imagine investing into a T10 unit. The moment an OP collab servant comes out, all you have to do is decompose the old servant, summon a SINGLE copy of the new collab servant (which is like super cheap) and get them to max trans. There is literally no point in paying and the game will die very fast.