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Dev Note #150: 5.7 Update Notice

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs,   We are planning on bringing 5.7 Update on 5/10 CDT. While we shared some information of 5.7 Update through Update Preview, we are here to share more details on the update.   ============================================== Guild Raid Introduction ==============================================   Guild Dungeon Improvement was one of many suggestions that Heirs have been making. While we have been making some improvements such as difficulty adjustment and entry limit increase to Guild Dungeon, we realized Guild Dungeon is getting old, leading to less participation from Heirs. With this update, we will be improving Guild Dungeon to become a PvE Raid content where Guild members can cooperate.   There are total of 5 types of Bosses in Guild Raid, each with its own weak point. We made sure that every type of DPS in Heir of Light can be utilized in Guild Raid by incorporating every type of DPS with weak point. While Boss Raid only incorporated SPD & Enemy-HP & DEF Based DPS with weak points, Guild Raid will incorporate other DPS including ATK Based & Ignore-DEF with weak points.   Also, there will be bonus effect based on element. For example, Fire Sugarplum will take the biggest damage against water element SPD-Based DPS. Please note that Boss will change randomly everyday.   Also, Heirs will be able to obtain more Guild Point with Guild Raid Update. Accordingly, Guild Shop will be improved. Heirs will be able to purchase servant shard of various DPS servants necessary for Guild Raid for a cheaper price. We will also be adding Conversion Stone to the shop. Please note that Fire Heide, Water Rem, Forest Sinistra and Instant 6★ Evolve won't be available after the upcoming update.   We hope that Heirs get to enjoy cooperation between Guild Members through this update.     ============================================== Servant Balance Improvement ==============================================   ⭕Farmable Servant Transcend Stat Improvement   As the first servant balance improvement, farmable DPS servants' Transcend stat will be buffed. Many Heirs have been asking for such change, and in 5.7 Update, stat of farmable DPS servants will match stat of non-farmable DPS servants. We hope that this allows Heirs to invest on more variety of servants without worrying about stat difference. Same change will be made for Tank & Healer/Support servants with future updates.   ⭕Lenore Buff   As the 2nd part of servant balance improvement, we will be buffing Lenore who is getting a new avatar this update.   - Water Lenore: Combo Skill will now remove 2 Buffs from the enemy. Her Passive now grants the buffs she removed to allies. Team Passive will be adjusted from 40% increase in Resistance to 35% increase in ATK.   - Forest Lenore: Passive increase defense of herself by 100% if all allies are servants of the same element.   - Light Lenore: Her passive increase ATK by 70% for 30 seconds upon skill usage.   - Dark Lenore: Using "Hellfire" skill will increase Glancing Hit rate to Lv. 5. Combo Skill effect that used to decrease enemy's attack now escorts all allies instead.     ⭕Simone Buff   Third servant balance improvement will include Simone buff.   - Fire Simone: We will be adding new function to her Passive that sets enemy's DPS servants' SPD to match her own.   - Water Simone: We will be adding new function to her Passive that removes 2 buffs from the enemy upon Combo Skill usage.   - Light Simone: We will be adding a new function to her Passive that changes one buff into "increase damage received" debuff upon Combo Skill usage,   - Dark Simone: Her Passive now removes two debuffs on herself upon active skill usage. Additionally, her Accuracy increase by 100% and enemy Healer servants' SPD will change to match Simone's SPD.   ============================================== Combo Skill Multi-Hit Change System ==============================================   We will be adding a separate system that changes Multi-Hit of servants' Combo Skill. While 1 Hit Combo Skill is necessary for many servants, we weren't able to provide separate Avatars for Collaboration servants due to legal issues. Therefore, we will be adding separate system to change Multi-Hit on Combo Skills Only Hyun Cha will be able to change Multi-Hit on Combo Skill with 5.7 Update. We will be supporting more servants with future updates.     ============================================== About Cumulative Mission ==============================================   After we revamped the Cumulative Mission reward, we are aware that many Heirs are looking forward retroactive compensation regarding Cumulative Mission Reward. Unfortunately, as we notified previously, it is very difficult to either reset or retroactively compensate for the Cumulative Missions since Cumulative Missions are intertwined with various factors. We hope the community understands.   That's it for today's Dev Note.   Thank you   Flynn    

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