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Dev Note #151: 5/31 Update Preview

Dev Notes
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Greeting Heirs   Today, we are here to share some details on update, which will arrive on 5/31, that we shared on Dev Stream earlier, along with some details on Collection Effect update that will happen in 5.8 Update.   ====================================================== Servant Balance Adjustment ======================================================   One common aspect that the servants receiving buff with 5/31 update is that they can snipe Light Heylel with their Relation Effect. We made a promise earlier that we will be bringing another buff if applicable servants are not used as much to counter Light Heylel. Therefore, we will be bringing buffs to the applicable servants. We hope that this update allows Heirs to counter Light Heylel more actively.   ⭕Dark Ezebell Buff   We will be removing Wave Effect from his 1st skill. Instead, his Passive Skill has 80% change to stun all enemies. With DEF Wave Effect on his Combo Skill, we believe Ezebell will make a great team with DEF-Based DPS servant Flynn.   ⭕Dark Blavatsky   Dark Blavatsky's Passive Skill removes 1 buff from the enemy when Combo Skill lands as Crit Hit, allowing Blavatsky to remove buffs up to 4 times. We will be adding 60% increase in Crit Chance when HP is above 80%. It will be easier to land Crit Hit on the enemy than before, allowing Blavatsky to remove enemy's buff more easily.   ⭕Light Sphinx   We doubled the debuff removal on Light Sphinx's Passive Skill, and Light Sphinx will be removing 2 debuffs from all allies upon skill use. Also, Light Sphinx's Passive will be granting Shield equal to 70% of Light Sphinx's Max HP to revived allies. (Currently grants Shield equal to 10% of Light Sphinx's Max HP) Furthermore, Light Sphinx will be granting Shield equal to 50% of Light Sphinx's Max HP to ally DPS servants when ally Tank servant is hit.   ⭕Shard Farmable Servant Buff - Tank Class   As the second part of servant balance improvement, we will be buffing Transcend stats of Tank Class servants that are shard farmable. Applicable servants are: Fire Heide, Fire / Forest Rem, Water Carmilla, Fire Simone, Water Ankou, Forest Lenore, Light Spigel, Light Heide, Dark Rem, Dark Simone, and Dark Lenore. *Details above will be applied on the 5/31 update.   ====================================================== Collection Effect Update Preview ======================================================   As a part of the next major update, we are preparing Collection Effect buff. Many Heirs have been suggesting Collection Effect for a while. Some Heirs wanted greater Collection Effect to compensate for difficulty of Transcend. Other Heirs wanted to see %(percentage) increase in stat from Collection Effect. We came to a conclusion that Collection Effect also needs buff, and we will be improving Collection Effect by a great amount so that higher Transcend can result in higher Collection Effect it deserves.   Heirs will receive greater Collection Effect based on how difficult the servants are to collect / Transcend. For example, Nat ★5 servants will receive more Collection Effect that a Nat ★4 servants and Light / Dark servants will receive more Collection Effect than Fire / Water / Forest servants. Stat bonus will be different based on the type of the servant. With the update, when an Heir collects all servants, the Heir will receive Collection Effect that's approximately 10 times greater than the original Collection Effect. This will apply to servants that Heirs already collected, so we recommend working on servant collection in advance.   ====================================================== New Trial Version Servant Event Termination Notice ======================================================   Please note that New Trial Version Servant Event for Sweet Home Collaboration will come to an end with 5/31 Update. We will be bringing back New Trial Version Servant Event after making some changes to the event when we update a new servant. We hope that Heirs look forward the next servant.   That's it for today.   Thank you   Flynn  

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