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Dev Note #152: 5.8 Update Notice

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs   We are here to share more details on 5.8 Update that will take place next week.   ================================================ 5.8 Update Notice ================================================ ⭕5.8 Update Preview:

  ⭕Collection Effect Buff Update   We gave preview on Collection Effect Buff in the previous Dev Note. Were Heirs able to get the general idea of what the buff is going to be like through the Update Preview?  

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  As you can see from the Yarane example above (ATK based DPS servant), ATK increase by 33,912 even without the Collection completed. While it depends on the stat, some stats became more than 100 ~ 200 times greater than before with Collection Effect buff.   It became a lot faster to obtain / transcend ★5 servants with the previous shard farming buff and Purifying Ground Reward buff. We aim to provide ways for Heirs to enhance various servants they want quickly. We believe that those who worked on ★4 & ★5 Collection in advance will benefit from this update greatly.   ⭕Explore Region Balance Improvement   We brought balance improvement to Explore Regions that were left alone for a while. While the Sanctuary Regions were recently improved, it's been a while since we last updated Explore Region. We will be bringing major improvement to difficulty of Explore Regions to accommodate progress of new Heirs. The experience of Explore Region after the update will be quite different. Heirs will be able to perform more Summons through Star Rewards, allowing Heirs to have more fun through Summon.   Explore Region Balance Improvement was aimed more towards the new Heirs rather than veteran Heirs. It would be great if Heirs could get the words around about the changes that will make Heir of Light even more enjoyable for new Heirs.   ⭕Package Improvement   Many Heirs have been leaving feedbacks about various Packages in Heir of Light. Some Heirs pointed out that Packages are too expensive, and others pointed out the lack of Packages with good value. To reflect these feedbacks, we are finally updating the Packages in general this Update.   Packages that were unnecessarily complicated, divided into multiple Packages (I, II, III, IV), will be simplified to Regular / Extra Large (XL) Packages. This applies to Special Summon Package & L/D Summon Package. Furthermore, we will be buffing the content of Packages.   Various limited-time Packages that were too expensive or not popular will be removed, and we focused on pricing the Packages around $9.99 ~ $19.99 while we improved the Package content. Starting from 5.8 Update, there will be various L/D ★5 Packages & Artifact Summon Packages for $9.99 ~ $19.99.   That's it for today   Thank you   Flynn    

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