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Dev Note #154: Lucky Chest Update

Dev Notes
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Greetings, Heirs.   Currently, there is lots of feedback regarding Lucky Chest. We apologize for the late notice. Although we've explained about the Lucky Chest update from the last Dev Note, it seemed to lack some information. Here is a more detailed explanation of the Lucky Chest.   ⭕[Mystery Dungeon & Fuse]   The issues associated with the Lucky Chest are Gold, Soul Crystal, and Fuse.   First of all, we would like to talk about Mystery Dungeon.   The purpose of Mystery Dungeon was to use Light/Dark Servant obtained from other contents besides summoning. Currently, we noticed that many Heirs aim to obtain Origin 3★ Light/Dark Servants from Mystery Dungeon and fuse them with Fire/Water/Forest Servants to acquire a 5★ Light/Dark Servant at last.   As the Dev team understood the situation, the Mystery Dungeon was updated to increase the playtime efficiency. We would first like to say that there was no intention to hinder this.   3★ Light/Dark Servants can be obtained from the Mystery Dungeon and fuse with Fire/Water/Forest Servants. The most fuse method that Heirs use is to fuse 3★ Light/Dark Servant x 3★ Fire/Water/Forest Servants, then fuse 4★ Light/Dark Servant x 4★ Fire/Water/Forest Servants, and lastly fuse 5★ Light/Dark Servants with 5★ Fire/Water/Forest Servants. As this method required 3★, 4★, and 5★ Fire/Water/Forest Servants, the Lucky Chest was revamped for the Heirs to obtain more than enough. Every month, 490 3★ Servants, 240 4★ Servants, and 30 5★ Servants can be obtained from Lucky Chest.   It's still possible to obtain 5★ Light/Dark Servants through Mystery Dungeon and fusion. Compared to other contents, it takes longer and is cumbersome, but the play method has its own merits.   ⭕[Craft]   As it was inconvenient to change Origin 3★ Servant to Common Soul Crystal, then change the Soul Crystal to Conversion Stone, Gear Material, and Summon Stone again, we've updated to have bulk change. However, we thought this process was inefficient.   Accordingly, through this update, the main currencies, Gear Material and Conversion Stone, are available for purchase with Gold from the Drop Event, eliminating the unnecessary process. This can be applied to the regular Craft system.   Our final aim is to reduce the unnecessary process of changing Origin 3★ Servant to Common Soul Crystal as much as possible and make it available to purchase the necessary currencies with Gold directly.   ⭕[Increase Amount of 5★ Servant Obtained]   After the Lucky Chest update, the main issue seems to be the change in the number of 5★ Servants acquired.   Several Heirs said Gold inflation occurred due to the Gear Dungeon, and the amount of Servants obtained from the Lucky Chest is currently out of balance. The Dev team have thought about the situation and decided that it could not be left intact, so there was an inevitable balance adjustment. Therefore, we have drastically reduced the Lucky Chest open time and expanded the obtainable Servants limit from Ignis to Ella. Although there was an adjustment to the limit, there are still negative feedbacks from the Heirs.   As several Heirs have constantly requested, we are trying to adjust the number of weekly limits. We will reduce inconvenience by increasing the limit of the Lucky Chest that can obtain 5★ Servants from 5 times per week to 10 times per week, minimizing balance issues.   We will inform the update schedule through another notice.   We are constantly reviewing everyone's feedback. We are trying to solve the current problem and work in the right direction. If you have any other feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below.   Thank you.​​

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