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Dev Note #158 - 6.0 Update Preview

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs,   The 6.0 Update is scheduled for September 7. We'll be bringing to light the changes that will be made to accommodate previous updates.​   ⭕[Regular Servant Updates]   Heir of Light has an average of two patches a month. Larger patches will change the first decimal place and consist of content and system updates. Smaller patches, such as an x.5 patch, usually consist of balance changes, reward updates, and new Combines.   Just as in the recent Eimyrja update, every interim patch update has had a Servant update. Meaning a Servant has been updated once a month. To up the pace, we will begin updating Servants even in larger content patches.   Here is [A] Heylel to start things off.

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[A] Heylel​   [A] Heylel has been a terror when she uses her DEF Ignore attacks which are triggered by being hit by Normal Attacks, especially as a PvE Boss. However, when dealing with other Elements, Heylel has been stuck in limbo in terms of usefulness.   In the 6.0 update, Fire/Water/Forest/Light/Dark [A] Heylel will be updated across the board with a new [A] Heylel exclusive Avatar.   Fire/Water/Light Supporter/Healer [A] Heylel: Will gain more powerful effects, specializing her in Buff Removal and ATK Reduction.   Forest/Dark SPD-based DPS [A] Heylel: Will decrease enemy's SPD and increase damage when attacking an enemy with a SPD Reduction debuff.   We are planning major and more regular updates for existing Servants like this, so please look forward to all that is on the way.     ⭕[Major Updates to the Awakening Dungeon]   Previously, the Awakening Dungeon has not been able to offer special strategic access per Element. Not only that, a handful of Supreme Stones have been available only after repeatedly clearing 11-12F every day. In the upcoming patch, the Awakening Dungeon will allow strategic access per Element, making it easier to upgrade Servants through the Awakening Dungeon.   ​1-10F: Will be updated as Stone Farming Dungeons   ​After the update, additional requirements that limit Servant classes will be added from 1F and on. For example, if one of the Servants meets these requirements, they can enter 1-2F Awakening Dungeon. Higher Floors will require more Servants to meet the requirements.   ​Supreme Stones will drop beginning from 6F and higher. Additionally, the update will allow you to obtain Supreme/Greater/Common/Lesser Stones on 10F, even when skipping battles.   ​First Time rewards will also be changed. All clear history of the Awakening Material Dungeon from before the 6.0 update will be deleted to allow all users to obtain the new First Time rewards!   ​11-12F: Will be updated as Summon Stone Farming Dungeons   ​11F and 12F will be revamped as Summon Stone farming dungeons to help with the increased difficulty of Servant upgrades after Awakening. In the Fire/Water/Forest Dungeon, 4-5★ Summon Shards can be obtained (daily: 21, monthly: 336). In the Light/Dark Dungeon, L/D 3-5★ Summon Shards can be obtained (daily: 35, monthly: 560).   ​Shards can be used as material when crafting. This update will add recipes to craft them directly into 5★ Summon Stones. Three Fire/Water/Forest 5★ Summon Stones and two L/D 5★ Summon Stones can be crafted at a lower cost every month.     ⭕​[T10's Max Level increased to Lv. 10]   ​T10's level cap has been T10 Lv. 1. After the 6.0 update, its cap will increase nine levels, allowing for up to T10 Lv. 10.   ​We thought it was necessary to include more Servant Upgrade features to accommodate the continuous content updates. In order to do that, we believe it's better to boost what the last level can offer rather than rapidly increase Transcendence levels.   ​T10 Lv. 10 will add an additional 380-430% power to Servants. The current level offers 350-400% power.   ​Even after the Max level is increased to T10 Lv. 10, the Collection Effect will still be maxed at T10. This means when you Bond, T10 Lv. 10 will be applied.   ​If you have any questions related to the updates, please comment below.   That wraps up the dev notes. Thank you!

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