Dev Note #65 Feedback Summary After 3.3 Party Raid Update

Greetings Heirs,
It's been a week since the Party Raid Update arrived.
Many Heirs have been asking questions personally, and we decided to summarize some important details about Party Raid we ran into while answering those questions.
Party Raid Open Time
Party Raid Open Time has been one of the most debated subject even before we released Real Time Party Raid.
Many Heirs have argued that "It is hard to participate in Real Time Party Raid with set time frame because we are either at work or we need to spend time with the family in that time frame."
Our main concern was that opening up Real Time Party Raid 24/7 would make it harder for Heirs to find party without set time frame, which would hinder Heirs from enjoying the Party Raid at all.
We have future plans of adjusting the time frame as we collect more player data. Also, we will be testing if extended time frame works well by experimenting extended Real Time Party Raid open time during events.
Party Raid Reward
Some Heirs have suggested that the reward from Real Time Party Raid is too insignificant considering the difficulty and amount of effort Heirs have to put in clearing each stage one at a time.
Heirs particularly pointed out the Transcendent Summon Stone which is the best reward from Party Raid.
Major complaint was that Heirs can't even acquire a single Transcendent Summon Stone which cost 20,000 Party Point after playing the 3rd Floor 5 times everyday for a full month.
Our intention was to have Heirs play Real Time Party Raid 20 times a day in order to earn Transcendent Summon Stone.
Receiving 15,000 Party Points from Mission Rewards and playing Party Raid which gives 8 points per round based on 3rd floor 20 times everyday would translate to Transcendent Summon Stone after a month of playing.
Since the current Party Raid is in beta stage, we want to let you know that we are very open to adjustment in the future.
Also, we are planning on adding a new system related to Gear in 3.4 Update, and the resource to use the new content will drop from Real Time Party Raid.
Party Raid Valor Consumption
We have received some feedbacks that the amount of Valor used for Party Raid is too large.
Therefore, we are planning on reducing the amount of Valor required to enter Party Raid in the next 3.3.6 scheduled for next week.
Over-usage of Combo Skill in Party Raid
Due to servants with [Increase Skill Gauge] skill and high SPD in Party Raid, in many cases the Party Raid battle was full of Combo Skill, missing out 1st or 2nd skills that give the servants their identity. Therefore, we will be improving this issue in 3.4 Update.
Additional Changes
> Some Heirs submitted feedback that the chat is too inconvenient to communicate and strategize with the team after joining party in Party Raid. We strongly agree with this opinion, and we looking into improving this issue.
> We are aware of inconvenience coming from lack of "Cancel Battle" upon facing obviously failing round in Party Raid. We are looking into possible solutions of this issue.
That is it for today, and we will come back with another Dev Note on Wednesday discussing 3.3.6 Patch which is scheduled for next week.
Thank you.

Dev Note #65 Feedback Summary After 3.3 Party Raid Update
Dev Note #65 Feedback Summary After 3.3 Party Raid Update
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 3years

Dev Note #69: Notice About Party Raid

Greetings Heirs,
There have been active discussions among the community about the Party Raid after the v3.4 Update.
We decided to take this time to talk about our thoughts on Party Raid and the direction we want to take as we move forward.
Direction that Party Raid Pursues
Heir of Light leans more toward single player game. Heir of Light gives Heirs sense of accomplishment as Heirs progress on with the game forming a new team, improving the team to clear formidable bosses, and competing with other Heirs.
However, it is true that the gameplay of Heir of Light does not focus greatly on interaction with other Heirs. That is why we wanted to deliver Party Raid to improve cooperating aspect of Heir of Light. We wanted Heirs to have fun while studying each others' deck and struggling through difficulty together in Party Raid.
In fact, after the Party Raid Update, we believe that many Heirs enjoyed new type of fun in Heir of Light while trying to figure out the best team with other Party Members in Party Raid. Of course, we understand that Party Raid must have felt more like a source of stress rather than excitement facing Party Members that don't form appropriate teams or don't select Ready in Prep Screen.
It seems inevitable for Heirs to have different opinion of Party Raid, as every Heirs had different experiences with it. However, we think that the fundamental focus of Party Raid should be "fun of cooperation," and we will continue trying to resolve issues that came to Heirs as stress rather than fun. We would appreciate any feedback about Party Raid to improve not only Party Raid, but also Heir of Light in general.
Party Raid Time Constraint
The Time Constraint has been pointed out the most in discussion about Party Raid. We are aware of all the concerns that are brought up by the community. Time Constraint on certain contents has been attempted multiple times in other games, and similar discussions took place in those games also.
We have never set time constraint in this form in any other content because we want to make sure all Heirs get equal chances of accessing any content. However, the biggest concern while we were developing Party Raid was "What if the "cooperating" part of Party Raid cannot be fulfilled?" Since we thought Party Raid was pointless without focuses on "cooperating" aspect, we decided to schedule Party Raid to improve matchmaking in Party Raid.
All Heirs with different gameplay schedule have been expressing concerns about Party Raid schedule. We have been testing out various schedules such as 4 hours in the afternoon or 3 hours in the morning/afternoon, and we have confirmed that matchmaking was working well with extended schedule.
As our main concern was situation where Heirs can't find match in Party Raid que, if matchmaking works well with extended time schedule, it is definitely possible to either completely remove time constraint or extend the schedule by a great degree.
Therefore, we are trying to test out the followings:
1. For a week starting June 26th or 27th, we will be opening party Raid 24/7.
2. After the first week, we will be opening Party Raid between 12:00 ~ 24:00 for another week.
If there is no issue with matchmaking even after we open Party Raid 24/7, it will be much easier for us to remove time constraint on Party Raid. However, if the 24/7 schedule does not work well, we will be conducting additional test, opening it only 12 hours a day instead of 24 hours.
We are also planning on trying out additional schedules such as opening Party Raid for 12 hours only on the weekends. Our biggest concern is that extended schedule might disperse the Heirs, which would make it hard for Heirs to play Party Raid at all. We would appreciate feedbacks about Party Raid schedule after trying out the new schedule for us to find the optimal time frame.
Party Raid Transcending Aura Reward
Some feedbacks mentioned that:
"Is it right to add Transcending Aura, which pretty much is a necessity, as a Party Raid reward when many people can't even join Party Raid?"
Here are some points to think over about Transcending Aura.
1. Transcending Aura becomes necessary only when Heirs acquire an Origin ★6 Epic, Legendary Gear with proper Additional Stats that they want to Super-Enhance. This means that Transcending Aura is not a resource that everyone would want like Awakening Stone, Gold, or Karat. Converting and acquiring necessary Gears should come before Super-Enhance.
2. If we assume that Transcending Aura is a necessary resource, we must consider how many Transcending Aura Heirs need. Currently, Transcending Aura drops with fairly high chance. In case of 3rd floor, Heirs have 30% chance of receiving 5 Transcending Aura each round. Heirs can acquire 15 Transcending Aura by playing 10 Party Raids, which means Transcending Aura is easier to come across than Legendary Gear. Also, even if Heirs play only 1 round of Party Raid, Heirs can still purchase Transcending Aura with Party Points they receive from Daily & Weekly Missions. While Heirs could feel that they are very short on Transcending Aura because Heirs have so many Gears stacked up for Super-Enhance, we believe that within 2 weeks ~ 1 month, Heirs will have more than enough Transcending Aura to Super-Enhance all the necessary Gears. Therefore, we believe that Party Raid is not a necessity because of Transcending Aura.
3. Nevertheless, Heirs having trouble joining Party Raid can be a problem. However, as we mentioned before, we believe we can solve this problem by extending the Party Raid schedule by great degree.
4. Some Heirs have commented that:
"I just don't want to play Party Raid."
"I don't want to play Party Raid that is a cooperative content because I prefer single player mode."
While we are currently making Transcending Aura available only for Party Raid which is a new content, we are planning on constantly expanding availability of new resource. Conversion Stone and Awakening Stone are example of resources that are currently available from multiple contents. We will definitely be expanding availability of Transcending Aura in more contents.
Even if we expand our Party Raid schedule, Heirs having trouble participating in Party Raid will be at a disadvantage unless we expand the availability of Transcending Aura immediately. Therefore, we will be sending out 10 Transcending Aura starting 26th for 7 days. Of course, we are planning on extending support based on the reaction of the community. If there are suggestions from the community regarding this issue, we are open for all suggestions.
The Time Constraint & Limited Availability of Transcending Aura were two major topics of discussion from the community. We believe solving these two issues will resolve many other issues along the way.
Now, we will be talking about some other topics that were brought up by the community.
Bug & Packages
We are constantly fixing various bugs/issues from Party Raid. Even in this update, many Party Raid bugs/issues has been covered. While it is important to fix the bugs/issues, we also think it is important us to expand Party Raid content by adding new resource and function like Mini Chat. We also thought that some major issues have been addressed with Party Raid. (And yet, we are facing new bugs/issues... QQ)
Heirs have been suggesting that we should focus on fixing what we have rather than adding new contents to Heir of Light. It is definitely true that fixing in-game problem should be prioritized over anything. While we constantly go over all the bug reports to fix in-game issues, the issues sometimes unfixed or reoccur in different form in live server even if we confirm that it has been fixed in internal server. Pleasant in-game environment is one of basic things that we should be providing to the Heirs, and we will try our best to deliver enjoyable environment. We are looking out for any reports from the community, and we will try our best to address those issues as soon as possible.
Regarding the Package, we added Transcending Aura Packages because we believed that there must be Heirs who are willing to rather pay than to invest time on Party Raid. (We understand that this idea might not be so pleasing to some Heirs.) While it is true that we make profit through Heirs making purchase, we also believe that purchase is a way of acquiring items. This is why most of the resources are acquirable through purchases in game. Players making up for insufficient resources through payment while investing time and effort on other resources is a big portion of micro-transaction model. We wanted to avoid not creating any package at all for Transcending Aura because it would be like removing one method of acquisition.
Entry Limit
Let's say Heylel completed all 5 entries out of 5 entry limit, and Flynn only completed 1 entry. Even if Flynn wanted to play Party Raid with Heylel, Flynn simply will not be able to do so. As we believe that "cooperation" is at the core of Party Raid, we want to avoid this direction. Also, adding entry limit could be a nerf patch to those who have been putting good amount of time in Party Raid for reward they deserve. We believe that we must respect the choices of those who invested 4 hours of a day while they could have spent on other content. (As we mentioned before, you don't need to play for 4 hours due to high drop rate on Transcending Aura. However, the choice must be respected.)
Also, we believe it is better to incentivize certain numbers of participation rather than restricting the entry. As this issue should be revisited if we decide to adjust Party Raid schedule, we will make sure to revisit this issue in the future.
While there were lots of other feedbacks, we believe we covered some most frequently mentioned ones.
We will try our best to improve Party Raid by fixing all the issues one by one. We hope that community does not get too offensive about the feedbacks. While we try our best to understand the frustration from the community, the Heir of Light team also gets emotionally stressed facing some offensive comments. We appreciate the feedback and patience from the community.
Thank you.

Dev Note #69: Notice About Party Raid
Dev Note #69: Notice About Party Raid
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 3years