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Game Guide

> Collect materials and you can create the items you can with your own hands! > Hello, welcome to the world of crafting   1. How to enter : Crafting can be accessed through [Lobby > Menu > Crafting].

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  2. Menu : Choose which item you want to craft from the tab (Soul Crystal, Summon Stone, Servant, and Elements). : Choosing the item you want to craft will show you how many materials you will need. : There's a limit to how many items you can craft during a set period of time. Choosing the item will show you the designated period and the crafting limit.

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3. Crafting : When you have all the necessary materials and enough Gold, the "Craft" button will be activated. : When you tap on this button, the crafting will be completed. A pop-up message will the show you how many items were crafted. : Crafted items can be accessed through your Inventory : However, Servant Select Summons will be sent to your Mailbox (expires in 7 days)  

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