GM Busan LV.9 Nomad
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[NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : Feb. 19, 2020


We are informing you about the Feb. 19 update. Please read below for details.     ============================================== 📢Summary 1. New Ship 2. Supply Pack 3. PvP 4. Historic Battle, Great Voyage 5. Shop 6. Game Optimization 7. Etc. ==============================================     ▶ New Ship

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : Feb. 19, 2020 image 2

  Japanese battleship Fusō (★★★★) Acquisition : T1, T2, T4, T5, T6 Ship Blueprints / Legend & Mysterious Supply Packs   Fusō was commissioned in 1915 and undertook 2 times of large scale modernization that equipped her with the famous pagoda mast of the height of 40m. But she got attacked by US Navy's torpedoes and naval gunfire, and sunk on the 25th October 1944 at which she participated the very first battle during the war.       ▶ Supply Pack New ship [Fusō] has been added to Legend Supply Pack and Mysterious Supply Pack.       ▶ PvP You can go on with challenges by clicking 'Continue to challenge' after victory/defeat in battles. After sunday, we have a fresh start into weekly season.   1. Continue to challenge after victory You get bonus on winning points if Victory after victory.   1-1. Continuous Victory x1 Victory : winning points +0% x2 Victory : winning points +15% x3 Victory : winning points +35%   2. Continue to challenge after defeat You get penalty on winning points if Victory after continuous defeats.   2-1. Victory after defeat(s) Victory after 1 defeat : winning points -90% Victory after 2 defeats : winning points -90% Victory after 3 defeats : winning points -90%   3. Match-making and Weekly Points   3-1. Weekly Points Basic winning points increase after victory.   3-2. Weekly Points Reset Rewards will be given for the weekly ranks, and weekly points will be reset after.       ▶ Historic Battle, Great Voyage

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : Feb. 19, 2020 image 4

1. Historic Battle reward added [Prium] will be rewarded additionally after win in Historic Battle.   1-1. Watch ad Watch the ad and get x2 reward.   2. Great Voyage   2-1. Watch ad Watch the ad and get x2 reward.       ▶ Shop   1. New Package (Limited time offer)   1-1. Prime Construction 1 +1,100 Diamonds +15 Premium Supply Packs   1-2. Prime Construction 2 +1,500 Diamonds +45 Premium Supply Packs       ▶ ETC. Conditions for PvP weekly achievement has been adjusted to 10 times. Some awkward texts have been edited. UI Convenience Improved.       ▶ Game Optimization - Game compatibility has been improved, device support range has been expanded. - Shader is optimized to the device specifications.   (Original Specification: Samsung Galaxy S5 / LG G5) (Improvement specification: Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A / LG G4) ※ Low-end devices (Samsung Galaxy J / LG Q, X series, etc. 2GB RAM below devices) may not experience improvement.       ▶ FAQ Q. Does this app just shut down with start? Follow these steps, and if it still doesn't work please get back to us with your in-game username or google email address so we can guide you with better solutions.   1. Settings - Apps - Warship Fleet Command - Storage - Clear data / cache 2. Restart game

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