GM Busan LV.9 Nomad
Feb 28, 2020, 04:48 PM 753 read

[NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : Feb. 28, 2020


We are informing you about the Feb. 28 update. Please read below for details.     ============================================== 📢Summary 1. New Ship 2. UI Convenience Improved 3. PvP 4. New Event 5. Shop 6. Etc ==============================================       ▶ New Ship

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : Feb. 28, 2020 image 2

Japanese battleship Amagi (★★★★★)   From where? : T4, T5, T6 Ship Blueprints / Legend & Mysterious Supply Packs   Imperial Japanese Navy(IJN) laid down IJN Amagi as part of the Eight-eight fleet plan, but the battlecruiser never got to be finished as its initial purpose but was converted into an aircraft carrier due to the Washington Naval Treaty. Great Kantō earthquake in Tokyo got her too heavily damaged to be completed and she was sold for scrapping. In-game model has been imaginarily set based on her actual design as battlecruiser.       ▶ UI Convenience Improved

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : Feb. 28, 2020 image 4

1. Guidance for Item obtained You can check the item obtained right away with stage selection on the screen. (scroll left and right)  

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : Feb. 28, 2020 image 6

2. Simplified Result screen Specified grades (SS,S,A,etc.) has changed to Victory, Defeat, Tactical Victory, and UI stages are simplified.   2-1. Result Victory : Got rid of all enemy in limited time Defeat : Alley completely lost Tactical Defeat : Limited time over       ▶ PvP Continuous battle scheduled for this week's update has been put on hold due to an error. Several issues are solved and they work normally from this update.   1. Continuous battle As noticed on previous update you get additional points when you win continually, and you'll be given a chance to challenge again when defeated.       ▶ New Event : Spring Festival

Warship Fleet Command: Notice - [NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE : Feb. 28, 2020 image 8

Spring is Here, a festival is taking place at HQ. Dispose of opponents from on the sky and the ocean, and escort our transports for the festival.   1. About This Festival   1-1. Event Period Tue, March 3 18:00 - Tue, March 31 18:00 (UTC)   1-2. How to Participate? Run Event Operation on Daily Operation screen. Complete the Operation successfully and exchange with big pack of rewards.   1-3. Commander icons for the events Shamrock Glass : An icon for a Commander who successfully finishes Spring Festival Conditions : [Spring Festival] When exchanged (an) item(s) 10time(s) after completing a mission       ▶ Shop   1. New Package ((Limited time offer)   1-1. Amagi Guaranteed 5-star Amagi Blueprint! 1,800 Diamonds 75,000 Gold 20 Premium Supply Packs Guaranteed 5-star Amagi 20 Fast Construction Tickets       ▶ ETC UI image bug fixed Localisation improved PvP time has increased to 10 minutes.

Comment 4

  • Josh Smith LV.1 Mootie Feb 29, 2020, 07:44 AM

    Can you fix pvp matchups to where you fight others close to your own power? I keep getting matched with people at least double my power

  • Exzi LV.3 Dragon Mar 2, 2020, 01:55 AM

    Dude same

  • GM Busan LV.9 Nomad Mar 5, 2020, 02:52 PM

    We're trying to match you with someone with similar combat power and weekly points,

    however due to instability of its pre-seasonal status, a couple of issues seem to occur now.

  • gamer835544565 LV.1 Mootie Mar 8, 2020, 04:00 PM