Awaken Christmas Event

Merry Christmas Heros.
Period - 20191224 06:00 ~ 20191226 24:00 (UTC+0)
1. EXPEDITION - All Power Stone Dungeon Open!
2. Gift Daggers x20 & Ethers x20 , Every 2 Hours login & check Mailbox
while 00:00~16:00 (UTC+0)
* if you can't find the reward in mailbox, plz relogin
3. Ruby Consumption Rewards
- 10 , Ethers x300
- 250 , Special Ticket x1
- 500 , Awaker Ticket x1
4. Hot Time x3 !
Gold x3 , Exp x3

Awaken Christmas Event
Awaken Christmas Event
LV.7 GameManager 1year

Patch Note (12.12)

Patch Note(12.12)
Maintenance period : 12.12 6:00 - 9:00 (UTC+0)
Maintenance compensation reward : 100 Rubies
UI update
Descent refined
Hero skill & Unit attack speed modified
1. UI update
1. 1 You can designate manual control units in auto combat mode. Slide Up&Down in the Unit UI at the bottom of the dungeon entrance window.
1.2 You can choose your team at Arena matching window. Team member change is not possible yet.
1.3 Unit UI is added at the bottom of Field of Test menu. Be ready and challenge.
1.4 Attendance compensation is held every seven days from Sunday to Saturday.
1.5 Crux items are no longer locked status when it's obtaiend
1.6 Unit names are nified regardless of evolution status. (Prefix is removed)
2. Descent refined.
You can now instantly gain all of your stats as soon as you descend.
Descent experience dungeons and Descent level markings are removed and the Descent preview is moved to the menu.
Heroes who have raised the previous Descent level will receive 100 Ethers for each Descent level raised through the Descent Experience Dungeon.
Example of a reward: A hero with a descent level of 7 for Napo and an Estelle with 1 level of Descent-> 6 x 100 = 600 Ether reward for Naples 6 and Estelle 0
3. Hero Skill balancing
Hero Archer's skill damage was too powerful, now it's slightly decreased.
Hero's attack speed is increased
Every Hero's skill damage is increased by 100% in tier 1 and 25% in tier 2.
Tier 3's skill damage is still same but required energy is slightly decreased.
4. Unit's attack speed error fixed
In the last update, the Assault type slowed down the attack speed and the Ranger attacking speed increased.
Due to an operation mistake, the actual setting was reversed.
Therefore, in this update, all will be adjusted as intended.
AWAKERS's attack speed notation is now higher when the attack speed is higher.
This method is difficult to know the actual attack speed. In future updates, the notation between general attacks will be improved. (Please wait a minute.)
Data from the period 2019-11-29 to 2019-12-11, when the attackers were stronger than intended, will be reflected in the balance update later. Thank you.
5. System and bug fix
5.1 FRIEND POINT is added at adventure mode reward
5.2 Adventure Mode Fixed an issue where dungeons that consume one dagger during repeated rewards had a high reward rate, allowing them to acquire ether and reinforced stones in the dungeon. Dungeons that consume more Daggers will now be more efficient.
5.3 Expedition - Dungeons of Life
Fixed the issue of moving through rocks
5.4 Normal Summon now removes the 1-Star grade Evolution Crux
5.5 Evolution Crux's level displayed at 40 has been fixed. This item level is independent and does not change it's acutal value.
5.6 "Recruit" is changed to "Summon"

Patch Note (12.12)
Patch Note (12.12)
LV.7 GameManager 2years

Patch Note (2019.11.29)

Update Period: Nov.29 l 04:00AM - 09:00AM (UTC)
Update may be prolonged or finished early depending on circumstances
Maintenance Compensation :
Random Awaker ticket x1
Random Special unit ticket x1
Ruby x 165
Arena Tier & Matching rule is refined
Reward and Economy balance is refined
Adventure mode is getting easier.
Darkness Awakening event will be closed at 11.29 23:59(PM) UTC. Event Alphabet items are collectable until server maintenance.
Sword & Arena champions event start. (11.30 - 12.20)
1. Recruit Ticket composition is refined.
Contrary to the expectation of the heroes who recruit, Normal grade 6-star units reflecting the value of the training cost were assigned high value.
Reorganized to meet the objective of acquiring the unit, and also improves the additional problem that the time and cost of the unit growth depends on luck.
1-1. Units obtained from Recruit Ticket grades are fixed.
4 star : Awaker, Special
2-4 star : Elite (Each Units's origin grade fixed)
2-4 star : Normal(Each Unit's origin grade fixed)
1-2. Evolution Crux and Experience Crux can not be obtained from Premium Recruit Ticket.
1-3. star grade Evolution Crux and Experience Crux will be obtainable from Normal Recruit Ticket
1-4. Adjust Descent able Awakers grade color and drop late same as Normal Awaker.
Descent able Awakers(Estelle, Silas, Claudia, Napor)just have talent which can boost their power for a moment, not stronger than other Awakers, other Awakers may have the same talent.
2. Refine Arena's tier section and matching rule.
2-1. Low Tier(Bronze, Silver)'s ranking point increases faster than before.
Higher tier's rank point up became harder. However, malicious abusing(revenge after deliberate defeat) will not be easier than before.
2-2. Platinum tier is added. Platinum tier is located between Gold and Master.
2-3. The champion tier was determined by ranking only, it was a bug that could become a champion with a low rank score is fixed. Champion can only achieve 1-5 ranks above the certain level among those who achieved Master 1
2-4. The Arena Matching Range is adjusted for each tier level so that only the users of the same tier meet the upper and lower tiers. For example, Bronze 3 meets only Bronze 3, Platinum 3 meets Gold 1, Platinum 3 and Platinum 2, and Champion meets only champions and master tiers.
2-5. Retaliation Bonus are reduced
3. Rewards from Daily Missions, Field of Test, and Arena will be rearranged for the costs of the economic structure and unit growth.
Significantly reduced the demand cost for too much gold in unit growth.
The growth costs were so high that too many rewards have been provided to compensate for this, which undermines the fun of the gameplay.
Rebalance and refine the amount of rewards so that playing has a high value
As a result of this refinement, you will receive a full compensation for your monthly and weekly missions.
Daily / Weekly Missions will be reset to ready-to-run status regardless of their completion on the day.
In some boss dungeons, you can earn boss unit as your troops.
Content rewards no longer include members of 5 starts or more and can only be obtained from achievements and events.
Reduced weekly top rewards rubies in Arena and Field of Test, but low ranks ruby reward is increased.
Only guild coins and gold can be acquired in guild contents, and the amount of guild coins are increased. Please the guild shop.
※ As a reward, you will receive 1 Random Special Unit Ticket and 1 Random Awaker Ticket.
※ Axe reserves exceeding the maximum of 10 are all exchanged in Ruby 1:1
4. The composition of the Daily Collectable Reward changes
The Monthly ruby payment is reduced, but Ether is added
Heroes who purchased existing Daily Collectable Reward will receive the remainder of monthly payment after update.
5. The tension of the battle is improved.
5-1. Dungeon monsters threaten is increased, and each class has a more appropriate ability to match their class traits.
Adventure mode and expedition mode difficulty have been slightly adjusted.
Normal monster zones are a bit easier and bosses are more powerful.
However, the difficulty experience may different depending on the composition of units. Please refer to the recommended level of dungeons added as UI improvements.
Enemies have begun to recognize the recovery unit as more threatening.
Healer units now have the threat level next to Assault units.
Defender: Attack and Defense are increased
Assault: Attack speed is slowed down and thus skill attack power becomes stronger. Defense is increased.
Ranger: Attack speed is faster, defense is lowered.
Healer: Slightly increased attack range. Defense is increased, Attack is decreased.
Healing skill is based on healed HP% healing amount.
Therefore, even attack status is decreased, the heal efficiency is higher than before. It doesn't show up in the tooltip
5-2. Auto battle is now available again in the first battle.
Available from 1-8. 1-1 to 1-7 have to be played by manual combat. We believe our Heroes will master the control skill of Awakers before 1-7.
5-2. Upgrade to Elite grade : Elsia, Isael, Strazinas, Mandrill, Orc Chief Khan.
5-3. Units with some balance issues will be adjusted.
Roa: Had to be wept and laught because of Roa's effectiveness and probability at the time of Roa's Sacrifice. Roa's 'Sacrifice' skill has been adjusted according to the changing battle rules for the diversity of Arena units.
At Level 5: 3 targets for resurrection, increase HP reserve by 40% Reduced Angel's Healing cooldown to 16 seconds for better Roa's Survival.
Lena: Skill's cooldown was too long to be disadvantageous for survival. Skill cooldown adjusted to 20 seconds.
Elcia: Passive silence duration is up to 17 seconds, depending on units composition was able to maintain infinite. Adjust up to 12 seconds. Blizzard's range is slightly increased and enemies hit by Blizzard will slow down.
Sahael: Now has an average attack speed. Attack speed was very fast, mana evaporation with short burst of healing
Luadell: Fixed an issue where the healing amount was higher than the indicated tooltip, and the level 1 healing has been increased from 60% to 80%. Mana Regeneration is increased.
5-4. Mana adjustment
Fixed a bug that caused infinite mana. The mana consumption of the skill is greatly reduced, and mana recovery skill performance of the units is increased.
6. UI improvement
Dungeon recommendation level is added to the recommended level of evolution and enhancement.
Arena and Guild Was UI improvement.s.
Only one unique units is shown on the Collection.

Patch Note (2019.11.29)
Patch Note (2019.11.29)
LV.7 GameManager 2years

New Event! Sword & Arena Champions!

Play Adventure mode & Arena to get Various & Exclusive Reward!
*Your event record was started since last Friday update.
*As the compensation reward of event delay & bugs, We sent 3 Million golds. Please receive 3 Million golds in your mailbox
(You can receive rewards until 12.04. 23:59 (UTC+0)

New Event! Sword & Arena Champions!
New Event! Sword & Arena Champions!
LV.7 GameManager 2years

Event Announcement

Hear Ye, Heroes!
Three Events are now open!
Event Period: 11/08 (THU) ~ 11/29 (FRI) [UTC]
7-days Attendance Event
Special Event
Guild Check-In x5
Guild Donate x5
Send Friend Points x30
Plea Reward x20
Dungeon Clear x100
Enter Field of Test x10
Enter Arena x50
Collecting Alphabet Event
Clear the Dungeon Boss Stages
and acquire the Alphabet Items to reap awesome rewards! Alphabet Items!
Complete all Event Missions to earn the new Awakers, Gaia and Dimones.

Event Announcement
Event Announcement
LV.7 GameManager 2years

11-08 update&event announcement

Server maintenance time : 11.08 06:00(AM) - 11.08 08:00(AM) (UTC+0) (Extended)
Maintenance rewards : 33 rubies
Extension rewards : 33 rubies
1. Premium Recruit list added
Special Units are now available on recruit ticket.
You can acquire Special Units from Premium Recruit Ticket.
2. Units Rebalancing
2-1. Units stats have been rebalanced. Low-star units stats have been increased.
The maximum stats of Transcendence Tier 2 are the same
2-2. The stats of heroes have been increased to lower level. Level 30 stats are almost the same
2-3. Peggy and Helia's skill performance have been slightly improved.
3. Dungeon Rebalancing
3-1. Dungeon's recommended combat power has been adjusted based on rebalancing.
3-2. Adventure mode is a bit easier to proceed.
4. Strengthen friend activity
4-1. Friend summoning cooldown reduced from 12 hours to 1 hour
4-2. If a friend uses your troops in battle, you receive 10 friendship points
Register powerful units as an ace to help your friends.
4-3. Summon friend time in battle increased from 20 to 30 seconds. (Summon time notation error, will be fixed in the next update)
4-4 Elite units have been added to normal recruit ticket.
5. Increase Unit Inventory
Default Unit Inventory increased to 180.
6. Reduced the requirements of Mission Chapter 6 (Will be applied at next update)
Chapter 6, Participate in Guild Battles 10 times -> 1 time
Chapter 6, Strengthen Units's skill level 10 times -> 5 times

11-08 update&event announcement
11-08 update&event announcement
LV.7 GameManager 2years

Issue announcement.

To all Heroes
We fixed 1-4 dungeon stage crash issues. Now you can play dungeons in any languages.
We received issues about alphabet item collecting event is not functioning properly. We are now checking the data, We will give you announcement and compensation as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

Issue announcement.
Issue announcement.
LV.7 GameManager 2years


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Rejoice, oh Heroes of the Empire!
The opening of the AWAKERS Unit Evolve Event begins tomorrow!
> Evolve 2★ to 3★ Unit : 500,000 Gold
> Evolve 3★ to 4★ Unit : 4-star EVO.CRUX [Free] x 1
> Evolve 4★ to 5★ Unit : 5-star EVO.CRUX [Free] x 1
> Evolve 5★ to 6★ Unit : Ruby x 100
- Reward may be claimed only once per Evolve category
- Event rewards will be sent via the mailbox
Evolving 1★ to 2★ Unit is not included in the event
Hurry and participate in the event!
For the Glory of the Verom Empire!

LV.7 GameManager 2years


Be ready to 3rd event! It's coming with priceless rewards!

LV.7 GameManager 2years

10.25 Update details

Good day, Heroes!
We have good news for you! Listen carefully as the goddess Solaniel delivers the word to you.
⏱ Update Period: October 25 | 8:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM (UTC +0)
Please read all the details below:
◼️ New Awakers have been added
- Demones (Mage-type hero)
- Gaia (Assault-type hero)
◼️ Language Support
- Added Simplified Chinese language
- Added Thai language
◼️ Shop
- Added a new Open Period Shop Category where players can unlock the - Attribute Stone Dungeons using Exploration Tickets
◼️ Seasonal Effects have been added to the Arena.
-The effects of this season are as follows:
- Assault-type units’ physical and magical defense will increase by 50%
- Mage-type heroes’ magical attack will increase by 30%
- This feature will be released again on a later date.
◼️ Auto Skills and Quick Battles that were previously used in Adventure Dungeons are now exclusively available for Cleared Dungeons
◼️ Reduced the difficulty in Field of Test
◼️ The issue wherein players were unable to clear the Expedition Dungeon despite meeting or exceeding the Recommended Combat Power has been fixed.
◼️ Reduced the EXP Crux Level from 40 to 30.
- Fixed an issue wherein the EXP Crux was greater than the maximum level of a unit
- We will continue to improve the quality of content and the performance of the game in future updates
- After the update, previous EXP Crux values at level 40 will be now shown as level 30. Despite the changes in levels, the amount of experience points will remain the same.
- The updated EXP Crux’s will provide the same experience points as level 30.
◼️ Increased the Hero Equipment stats
- Knight is now more devoted to protecting your units.
- Increased Weapon damage by 70%
- Increased Armor defense by 30%
- Increased Shield defense by 500%
- Despite the increase in Shield stats, Armors are still better to use in battles.
- Increased Weapon Attack Damage by 100% for the Archer and Mage hero
◼️ Increased the Hero Accessories stats
◼️ Guild Members with 1-3 active members can now open the Guild War
◼️ Kylon is buffed to Elite grade. His status is also buffed.

10.25 Update details
10.25 Update details
LV.7 GameManager 2years


Don't forget to login everyday to get tickets! And wait for 2nd EVENT!

LV.7 GameManager 2years

Darkness Awakening! New update with events are coming!

New update and events are coming this Friday! Be ready!

Darkness Awakening! New update with events are coming!
Darkness Awakening! New update with events are coming!
LV.7 GameManager 2years

New 7 Day Daily Access Event!

Greeting Heroes!
Daily Access Event with priceless gift is ready!!
Don't forget to access every day to get Awaker recruitment ticket!

New 7 Day Daily Access Event!
New 7 Day Daily Access Event!
LV.7 GameManager 2years

New 7 Days Daily Access EVENT is ready!

Greeting Heroes!
We've made brand new Access Event for you.
Don't forget to access every day to get 4 Special recruitment ticket!
* DAY 7 reward is changed from Guild Coins x 100 to Special Coins x 100

New 7 Days Daily Access EVENT is ready!
New 7 Days Daily Access EVENT is ready!
LV.7 GameManager 2years

Awaker pick up 2X event coming again!

Greetings Heroes! Have we got amazing news for all of you!
Introducing: The AWAKER Recruitment Rate Increase Event
2x chance of recruiting an Awaker Unit for the next 5 days!
Take advantage of this special event to recruit powerful Awakers!
Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity!
For the Glory of the Empire!

Awaker pick up 2X event coming again!
Awaker pick up 2X event coming again!
LV.7 GameManager 2years

[In Proceeding] New Hero Check-in Event

New and existing users can receive rewards by logging in daily!
Day 1: 100 Rubies
Day 2: 4★ EVO.CRUX(Pick Ticket) x 3
Day 3: 100 Rubies
Day 4: 4★ EVO.CRUX(Pick Ticket) x 3
Day 5: 100 Rubies
Day 6: 4★ EVO.CRUX(Pick Ticket) x 3
Day 7: 4★ Special Ticket
*All users will receive rewards from the New Hero Check-in Event first. Regular Attendance rewards will resume after the event.

[In Proceeding] New Hero Check-in Event
LV.7 GameManager 2years

[In Proceeding] HOT TIME EVENT

⏱ Event Period - Every Weekend (UTC + 0)
Saturday - EXP UP 150%
Sunday - GOLD UP 150%

[In Proceeding] HOT TIME EVENT
[In Proceeding] HOT TIME EVENT
LV.7 GameManager 2years

[In Proceeding] Soulstones Awakers

- Mystic Forest Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Jade Ravine Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Coram Stronghold Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Hall of Heroes Clear! +1 Soulstone
Collect 4 Soulstones >>>> 4★ AWAKER Esila GET!
- Sylvan Root Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Black Mountains Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Temple of Sage Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Coliath Qutpost Clear! +1 Soulstone
Collect 8 Soulstones >>>> 4★ AWAKER Verona GET!
- Howling Wood Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Fishnet Mountains Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Red Keep Clear! +1 Soulstone
- Warriors Chamber Clear! +1 Soulstone
Collect 12 Soulstones >>>> 4★ AWAKER Roa GET!

[In Proceeding] Soulstones Awakers +1
[In Proceeding] Soulstones Awakers
GM Xenon
GM Xenon GM Xenon
LV.3 GameManager 2years

[In Proceeding] Expedition Schedule

Lacking resources to power up your Units? Enter the Dungeons in Expedition mode to get resources such as Gold, EXP, Units, and Power Stones.
The Dungeons are only open at specific times so be sure to check out the Expedition schedule!

[In Proceeding] Expedition Schedule
[In Proceeding] Expedition Schedule
LV.7 GameManager 2years