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Beginner's Guide - Puzzle

Puzzle Mode is a mode to hunt down to demons
with 3 of your captured ghosts.
But before the battle,
you need to create your own ghost team in the Ghost School.
I choose Drowned Wraith, Black Pearl Ghost, and G-Gumiho ~
When you tap on the Battle button, you can choose the items you will use in battle.
You can purchase them either with gold or obtain them in Capture Mode.
Or you might even earn them as a reward for watching Ads.
The puzzles of GETCHA GHOST can be solved by
combining more than 2 blocks of the same color and tap them to pop.
The ghost with the same color as the blocks will attack the demon.
The number of attacks is the amount of blocks you’ve just popped.
(Damage X The number of blocks popped)
*While the yellow Blocks are not related to attacking demons, you can still earn some gold from them.
If you combine multiple blocks, items will be created.
Combining 2 to 4 blocks will not give you any special items,
yet if you combine 5 to 6 blocks of the same color,
an image of Shinbi will appear on the block, as you can see in the image above.
(An image of Shinbi marks 5 combined orange blocks.)
Popping those blocks will give you a Shinbi Goblin Item.
If you tap on the item, it will remove a line of blocks horizontally or vertically.
(Either horizontal or vertical removal will be decided randomly)
The characters or ghosts related to the blocks that Shinbi popped
will attack the demon, the amount of times as the number of popped blocks.
If you gather 7 to 8 blocks of the same color,
a Shinbi Mark will appear.
(An image of Shinbi Item marks 7 combined purple blocks)
Popping those blocks will give you a Shinbi Mark Item.
If you tap on the item, it will remove the blocks around it.
The characters or ghosts related to the blocks that the Mark removed
will attack the demon, the amount of times as the number of popped blocks.
If you Gather 9 to 10 blocks of the same color, a Shinbi Bat will appear.
(An image of Shinbi Bat marks 10 combined blue blocks)
Popping those blocks will give you a Shinbi Bat Item.
The bat item will be created in the same color of the blocks you’ve just popped.
If you tap the item, every block of the same color will just pop away.
The character or ghost related to the blocks that the bat removed
will attack the demon, the amount of times as the number of popped blocks.
You can use these items separately, but combining two items will be much more powerful.
If two or more items are next to each other, you can combine them to use.
Shinbi Goblin + Shinbi Goblin
Shinbi Goblin + Shinbi Mark
Shinbi Goblin + Shinbi Bat
Shinbi Mark + Shinbi Mark
Shinbi Bat + Shinbi Bat
Find out by yourself in the game what the effects of these combinations are!
As blocks are removed, the gauge in the upper character window is charged according to the blocks removed.
If the gauge is maxed out, it will blink to notify you that the skill is ready to use.
If you tap on certain characters or ghosts, they will use their skills to attack the demon.
Skills are powerful attacks, much more than normal attacks,
so try to use them as soon as they are ready.
If you Gather more than 11 blocks of the same color, Ghost Energy will appear.
(An image of Ghost Energy marks 12 combined orange blocks)
If you tap on the mark, a Ghost Energy item will be created.
Tapping will not do anything to these Energies.
It has to reach the bottom of the screen and be matched with Ghost Ball X to be activated.
If you move the Ghost Energy down to the bottom of the screen and match it with Ghost Ball X, Hari will appear and summon Shinbi
to deal a powerful skill attack at the demon.
Hari’s skill attack deals double the damage of Kanglim’s or Lion’s skill damage,
so, as the skill level of Kanglim or Lion grows, the skill damage of Hari will become stronger too.
But remember. In Puzzle Mode, the chances the chances to remove blocks are limited.
The number of chances are displayed on the upper left side.
If you defeat a demon, you will earn extra chances to pop more blocks.
Yet the number of chances can only be charged up to 30 at most.
Now, defeat those demons and save the people!!

Beginner's Guide - Puzzle +7
Beginner's Guide - Puzzle
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Beginner's Guide - Capture

Hello, all.
Today, we would like to introduce you to the Capture Mode
that allows you to find and ascend ghosts.
To begin you need to tap the Capture button.
Goblin Taffy is required to find the ghosts.
If you eat one Goblin Taffy, you can find one ghost at a time.
(Goblin Taffies will be recharged over time.)
(You can also recharge them with Shinbi’s Ads after you spend all your Taffies.)
If you want to capture the ghosts much easier, you better use Goblin Taffies.
If you use Giant Taffy in the Capture mode you'll see higher ranked ghosts,
and you'll be able to automatically attack and easily capture them.
(Giant Taffy can be bought from the shop or can be earned by using 100 Goblin Taffies.)
After using the Goblin Taffy, a target will appear at the center of the screen.
Try it and take a look around.
You can hear the ghost in no time.
Search around to find the ghost.
The ghost will appear within 10 sec to 1 min, so keep an eye out for them.
(While searching around arrows appear at the target. Turn in that direction to find the ghost.)
(What!! What’s that... I just wanted to take a screenshot and Grandma Mago appeared! Amazing!)
If you bring the target to the center of the ghost’s body,
the circle will turn yellow with a snapping sound!!
Tap the screen then and a battle with the ghost will start.
Well... Let me explain this with the ghost named Grandma Mago Apparition~
When the battle starts, you can see the HP of Grandma Mago Apparition along with its rank.
The basics of the battle are the following:
1. When the battle begins, tap the charm and throw it.
2. There are time limits for the battle against the ghost.
If you can’t get them in time, the ghost will run away.
3. There are 4 ranks for the ghosts: S, A, B, and C.
Rank C ghosts are not hard to capture with default charms,
but as the rank goes up, it gets much harder to get them.
The higher rank ghosts appear quite rarely,
so try to catch them when they show up.
However, it would be quite hard to capture the ghosts with the default Fire Charm.
(If you throw the Fire Charms strong enough there is a chance to capture ghosts up to Rank B.)
As you can see above, a window for changing charms or cards will appear.
Fire Charm: 30 Damage (Quite often misses)
Earth Charm: 50 Damage (Can miss sometimes)
Water Charm: 100 Damage (No Miss)
Earth Charms or Water Charms need to be recharged after you spend them all.
On the other hand, Fire Charms can be used without limit.
If you encountered Rank A or S ghosts, it is recommended to use Water Charms.
If you don’t have enough Water Charms, try using Earth Charms
to capture the high ranked ghosts.
If you can’t get them in time...
they will run away just like this.
If you’ve lowered their HP in time,
you can perform “the Final attack”.
It is a phase that ascends the ghosts.
There are two types of Ascension Charms, or the Ascension Cards of Lion.
Tap on the Change Charm (or Change Card) button at the lower left,
then a window like this will appear.
Purple Ascension Charm: Can gain Personal Items for the ghosts at a low chance.
Mom’s Charm: Can gain one Personal Item for the ghosts with a guaranteed chance.
If you want to increase your ghosts’ damage, it would be helpful to collect as many Personal Items as possible!
Now~ I,.. I will throw Mom’s Black Charm with Kanglim.
If you throw the charm,
the ghost will ascend with it’s last scream.
Here’s the Capture result.
Ta-da~ I’ve just earned the Rank A Grandma Mago! Lucky me!
And thanks to Mom’s Charm,
I’ve gained Kerberos’s personal item, “Sharp Knitting Needle”.
You can repeat the Capture Mode after this.
If you collect the same ghost multiple times, it is possible to strengthen them through level up.
That’s why you need to collect ghosts continuously.
If you have any question about the Capture Mode, please leave a comment below.
Hope you enjoy your GETCHA GHOST~

Beginner's Guide - Capture +9
Beginner's Guide - Capture
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LV.19 GameManager 2years

Beginner's Guide TIP-1

Hello, all.
Welcome to the world of GETCHA GHOST~♥
Today we would like to introduce you to
the basics of gameplay.
[ Lobby ]
This is the Lobby screen you see when entering the game.
1: is the Settings button.
You can Save or Load your game with this.
2: is the Character button.
You can choose which character to use as your main character.
3: is the Ghost School button.
This will allow you to browse or upgrade the ghosts you have ascended,
or create your own team.
4: is the Capture Mode button.
This will allow you to find and ascend the ghosts around you, just like in Virtual Reality.
To find more about the Capture Mode,
follow the link below.
5: is the Battle button.
Here you can find a puzzle game in which you have to defeat demons with the help of the ghosts on your team.
To find out more about this puzzle game,
follow the link below.
[ Setting ]
Now, shall we start from the Settings button?
1: A User ID will be issued if you linked your account.
2: Turn sound on/off.
3: Check your achievements and rank.
4: Save/load your data on the server.
Your data is saved automatically at key moments, but if you save manually and regularly, you can safely manage your game data.
[ Character ]
1: You can change your character.
2: You can level up your characters. When levelling up
you will earn damage and score bonus for the Battle (puzzle) Mode.
3: Your character’s damage increases further.
4: This is damage when using skills in Battle (Puzzle) mode.
The damage of the character will be added to the skill damage.
Take as an example image above. Kanglim’s damage is 160, and the skill damage is 2,000.
So the total damage of the skill will be 2,160.
[Ghost School]
You can browse the ghosts you’ve captured here.
A ghost selected from your captured ghosts. The higher the rank, the stronger they are.
You can level up your ghosts by capturing the same ghost multiple times.
Damage and skill damage will be increased when you level up the ghosts.
Each ghost has its own Personal Item. The item’s level will be increased automatically when you gain the item multiple times.
(Items will increase the damage of the ghosts)
If you tap the Summon button, you can invite other ghosts to join your team.
If you select the ghosts you would like to change, they will be changed automatically.
[ How to recharge Goblin Taffy and Heart ]
When you play in the Capture or Battle Mode, you will consume Goblin Taffies and Hearts.
Let me show you how to recharge the consumed Goblin Taffies and Hearts.
When Goblin Taffies are all used up, a recharge timer will appear.
Goblin Taffies will be recharged for free over time.
Meaning, the taffies will be recharged automatically
If you want to recharge more taffies quicker,
it is possible to buy them from the shop.
while you are in Battle (Puzzle) Mode or even if you return to the game later.
If you want to recharge more taffies quicker,
it is possible to buy them from the shop.
Another trick is this:
When you return to the lobby after you spend all the taffies,
you can find Shinbi next to the Battle button.
After watching Ads, Shinbi will Gift you some taffies.
The same goes for the Hearts.
After using all your Hearts, a recharge timer will appear.
The Hearts will be recharged one by one over time.
Or, same as with the Goblin Taffies,
Shinbi may gift you some Hearts after you watch Ads.
If you wish to recharge multiple hearts at once, you can buy them from the shop.
You can earn more Hearts after watching Ads.
This way it is possible to capture ghosts and join battles without spending money.
So use it wisely and enjoy the game~

Beginner's Guide TIP-1 +8
Beginner's Guide TIP-1
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