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Download The Android Version Of 4 Story - Age Of Heroes Now


4Story Age of Heroes Story - Age of Heroes is a free flash game. It is one of the most impressive mobile games that you can find right now. It's very well designed and colorful and truly offers a huge amount of entertainment same as But just like any other flash game, you need to use some strategy and planning skills in order to be successful in this game. Fortunately, I'm going to give you a couple of tips that should really help you out.

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The first tip that you need to keep in mind when playing Story - Age of Heroes is to be patient. It may take a while to complete the game as there are several points that you will need to wait for. But once you've finished with the early part of the game, there's going to be quite a lot more content for you. You can speed up the process by simply skipping the part where you get stuck at a particular level. You might want to do this several times, or you might need to restart certain chapters to clear up any mistakes.   Another important thing to keep in mind if you want to finish the game quickly is to make sure that you don't stop playing the in-game challenges. There are several hidden rewards inside the challenge panels that can be used for unlocking even more characters for your collection, such as the Firecracker and the Dark Phoenix. Aside from this, you will find that there are also quite a few collectibles and power-ups inside the various chambers as well that you should definitely collect as soon as you can to make the most out of your time in the game.   For instance, you can collect the following items when you play Story - Age of Heroes: the Firecracker, the Golden Phoenix, the Black Phoenix, and the Blue Phoenix. The items are sold for gems after winning a certain number of levels. When you are at level 28, for example, the item that you can purchase from merchants for $100 has a guaranteed freshness of two days. Another thing you should be aware of is that the game has several hidden stages you can replay. For instance, there are seven hidden stages you can revisit, but only after you complete all the earlier ones. It will take you longer to complete the earlier hidden stages, but it will be worth it as they will provide you with a greater variety of weapons and enemy types.   As for the game's mechanics, you can use the provided map or you can actually rearrange the way you control the game's events. In addition, you can adjust the difficulty of each level to give yourself a sense of challenge. The game has four difficulty settings, and the lower one is what you should opt for if you're a beginner. On the other hand, if you feel that you have some real-time strategy skills, the higher difficulties will serve as a good challenge. On top of that, you can also make use of cheats to increase your points and unlock the secrets of each stage!   If you're a huge fan of classic fighting games, then you would definitely enjoy playing this game. Its fighting mechanics are very advanced and gives you a complete experience of how a fight would unfold. You can use various moves to attack your opponent's and you are also free to choose your weapons. There are various characters to choose from and each one of them has its own special characteristic. Furthermore, unlike the mobile versions of previous versions, you don't have to use a freeze screen during fights - this is why this game is considered an award-winning one.   If you are into hidden object scenes, then this game is for you. When you finish a scene, a mask containing the picture of one of your favorite heroes will appear on the screen. This will help you remember the scenes and it will certainly provide you with many hours of pleasure. You can even use these objects as weapons to fight against other players.   If you like adventure and fantasy games, then this game will surely fit the bill. If you are an avid fan of story-filled games, then you will really enjoy playing this one. You can find this game in the Google Play Store so just check it out and enjoy the ride.

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