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My Brother Printer Suddenly Stopped Working And Gave Error " Brother Printer Offline" How To Fix It?

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Sometimes it happens when you are trying to print an important document from the computer, but your Brother printer says it’s offline. So don’t panic at that time because it might be a problem with windows 10 update or wireless connection problem with the router.   Why is my Brother Printer showing Offline on Windows 10 ? As you have seen that after every single update on windows 10, the Brother printer goes offline. However, Windows 10 update or driver update is not the only reason to bring your printer to an offline state. The major factor behind the brother printer showing an offline message in windows 10 is the connection problem.   Check Brother Printer Connectivity Brother Printer could show an offline message when not connected properly to the Windows 10 computer, WiFi network or Router. In this situation, you have to check all the connections by following these steps.   Restart your printer and wait for 1-2 mins until the printer is fully ready.   Check your printer connection (Wireless or USB).   If you are using a USB cable connection, make sure that they are plugged in properly and securely on your computer and printer.   If you are using wireless or WiFi connection, make sure you are connected to the right network. A wireless light on your printer will in Solid-state if you are connected.   Run a test print.   Brother printer connected to WiFi but offline on Windows 10 If your printer is properly connected still it says offline, then it might have something to do with the Brother printer status. The selected printer might not be set as the default printer or it might be offline or paused from windows 10 printer properties. Follow these easy steps to check all the issues.   Open Printers and Devices windows from Control Panel.   Select your Brother printer and Right-click on it to open “See what’s printing”   Again Right-click on the selected printer and click on “Set as default printer”.   Under “Set as default printer” you can see your Printer status – offline or paused.   If the Brother printer is paused, simply click on “Resume printing”.   Run a test print.   Fix Brother Printer Offline Windows 10 There are some methods that you can try to solve your Brother printer offline problem:   Verify the Brother Printer turned ON and there are no errors on the screen.   Make sure the Brother printer connected to the computer properly.   Make sure your Brother Printer set as the default printer in Windows 10 settings.   Delete all print jobs from the printer properties option.   If you see a copy of your Brother printer’s icon (example:- Brother XXX-XXXX (Copy 1)) then delete that device from the computer.   Read Complete Article For Help : https://www.printersetuphelp.us/brother-printer-offline/

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