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Your College Acceptance Essay – Yes, It’s That Important!


Recently, I found a great article entitled “The Almighty Essay” by Trip Gabriel which was published on January 7, 2011 in the NY Times. If you read the article (which I suggest you do), you will see article stands out for a number of reasons.   Why does it stand out? Well, for starters the article written from a personal view and also pays homage to an article I posted not to long ago on just how important the college acceptance essay is. In my article I expressed that college acceptance essays are important because the college board relies on them in order to characterize you as an individual student. Trip further refines this point by stating that admission essays allow a ”student’s own voice to be heard through the fog of quantitative data”. Also, the fact that acceptance essays can be the admissions dean, “favorite part” of the college application also reinforces my own belief that college applications are not always about the numbers and that there is real human element involved with a students acceptance, especially at very selective colleges or universities. Are you lack of time to write your essay on time? Contact us and we will help you. You can order any kind of essay on the website   Now, I don’t want rewrite Trips article and quote him word for word, but if you don’t have the time to look it over, here are the major points…   - 26% of admissions offices deemed it of “considerable importance” in deciding who is admitted, according to a 2009 survey by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (only 14 percent said so in 1993). - The more exclusive the college, the more weight the acceptance essay is given. - Among the most selective colleges — defined by the counseling group as those accepting fewer than 50% applicants— nearly half said the essay was of considerable importance. - Selective colleges give more weight to the acceptance essay than grade-point average. - Scores on the SAT or ACT outranked the essay in the latest survey, but just barely. - Factors like recommendations from teachers and guidance counselors and extracurricular activities trail far behind admission essays. - Admissions experts say the personal essay has gained this mighty weight because elite colleges are flooded with qualified applicants as many students have A averages and test scores in the 98th percentile. - Admissions officers are running out of calibration devices and essays are meaningful tie breakers. - University of Virginia reveals that 90 percent of the essays he receives are bad.   As the article clearly points out, college acceptance essays are important. Knowing all this, it may not seem fair that there is so much weight placed on the acceptance essay, however it seems to be a growing trend. So what’s the best way to prepare? Well, that why College Essay Tips is here for. We’ve posted a great article on how to get started with our college acceptance essay, however the best way to prepare is to choose your topics wisely and let others critique your work (I suggest a teacher, co-worker or parent since they may know you and your writing style best).   As keep in mind, and as Trip found out, life experience don’t always make for a great essay. Using your voice to write what you know about is just as revealing as the bigger things in life. Actually, the simpler the subject, the more revealing you can be about yourself which is always a winning combination.

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