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Lost Ark Silver Farming Guide


The Lost Ark is no different than any other game. Here you must have a lot of resources to improve your equipment and buy new ones. If you need a guide on how to get rich farming silver in The Lost Ark, we've got it for you! Scroll down to learn more about how to build wealth by farming silver in the Lost Ark.   Getting rich in the game is probably the best way to get ahead of other players. The large amount of in-game currency will help you achieve your goal - to become the best player you can be.   The best ways to farm silver coins in The Lost Ark Missions/Quests Unas Quests: A system of daily and weekly quests that unlock once your character reaches level 50. Complete these quests and be rewarded with some silver coins   dungeon run Chaos dungeon Each time you traverse a Chaos Dungeon, you will receive some silver coins. The higher the difficulty of the dungeon, the higher the reward. For more coins, you should also target the mini-bosses that spawn with the Horde.   cube dungeon Besides entering Chaos Dungeons, Dice Dungeons are also a good way to get Silver. To enter this dungeon, however, you must first pay for the dice ticket!   Guild Rewards Each time you donate or contribute to the guild, you will be rewarded with some Bloodstones. This item can be exchanged for crates of silver at the Hilmar Bloodstone Exchange. Simply consider your donation as an investment!   gold for silver Everyone knows that gold is worth more than silver. However, if you find that you need a lot of silver, you can always exchange your current gold stash for silver equivalent. You can exchange gold for silver in any town by speaking to the NPCs Belmond or Halmond in the gold shop:https://www.ssegold.com. The exchange rate is 1 gold for 100 silver.

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