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Lost Ark best Paladin builds Guide


The best Paladin builds for Lost Ark fall into the two areas where the class excels: buffing and dishing out reasonably decent damage. Unlike Lost Ark's other support, the Bard, the Paladin can only heal if built to do so, and even then it can't spam healing in traditional MMO fashion. Still, Paladins are always popular due to their help in paired queues. If you play in a group, you will rarely encounter any difficulties.   As an advanced warrior, the paladin can also assign damage. After all, there's a reason he has that big sword. Even paladins geared for support will have no trouble leveling up or tackling Chaos dungeons on their own, although this isn't true of all of Lost Ark's repeatable campaigns - climbing towers as a paladin is an downright difficult task.   The paladin's status gauge is called the Piety Gauge, and it slowly fills itself up during combat, increasing with each hit. Once filled, you can activate one of two status skills, each enhancing one of the paladin's sides. Divine Executioner makes you a better DPS player by increasing the range and damage of all Punish skills, which is the name of the Sword Swing skill. Divine Aura provides a damage boost to teammates over her long range and becomes your main source of healing with the right Lost Ark sculpt.   The Paladin's only downside is how important carvings are in making someone feel truly useful. If the paladin is your main character, you might be able to get quite a lot of carvings just by doing side quests when you hit level 50. Even if you do, this distraction means the paladin will never be the best at anything.   One benefit of being a paladin, unrelated to skill, is that as a paladin, you feel more of a real part of the story. In the first continent of the lost treasury, you have been chosen by the angels to fight alongside priests and kings and become a knight. This is classic Paladin stuff, and even the attacks in the overworld seem to be designed for swords - which seems odd when a long-range character has to use their weapon to attack someone up close for story reasons.   build Lost Ark Paladin Build   Best Lost Ark Paladin Builds: Blessed Aura or Judgment? As with most Lost Ark classes, these two viable builds are based around two unique class sculpts for paladins. Discernment increases the damage of all your Punishment skills, the gain of Piety bars, and the duration of the Holy Executioner status skill by 100%, while Blessed Aura modifies the effect of the Holy Aura status skill to reduce damage taken and use the time heals   Verdict   The argument for Judgment is that while the Paladin is a good tank, it can't handle certain parts of the Lost Ark and you should be left alone - especially that damn tower. And Condemnation doesn't have to stop you from being a support, as your Piety bar increases faster you can fire your Holy Aura more often when in a group.   aura of blessing   Unlike other MMOs, Lost Ark doesn't have a group of dedicated healers whose job it is to just sit back and aid others in battle. That means she has to play healer this way. If you join a group of paladins that don't use Blessed Aura, everyone will want to know exactly what you're doing. If you want to play a DPS character with a sword, there's the Berserker.   Blessed Aura is the best choice for a Paladin build, although it can be a bit boring. Paladins are one of the most popular classes in Lost Ark, but they're also the one that many players seem to enjoy. If you don't play them the way they're supposed to, you're going to have a bad time.   Apart from that, in the Korean version of Lost Ark, there are quite a few "Ancient Relic" destruction gears that are not available in the western version, which makes the DPS Paladin viable. Until then, you should play as a support and use your second skill to complete the single player missions. For more you can visit https://www.buylostarkgold.com/

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