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Book Writer


You want to write a book, but you don't know where to start. You've got some ideas and even some notes, but you're not sure how to put everything together into something that flows well and makes sense. And you don't know what kind of book you want to write: fiction or nonfiction? Memoir or autobiography? Children's book or novel for adults? How do you find an agent and/or publisher for your work? What if it doesn't sell?   As an author, I can tell you that writing is hard work — and it gets even harder after you've written your first book. Every time I put my name on a new title, I'm so proud of myself! But when I think about what it took me to get there — all the research required, the hours spent making notes and developing characters, and then finally putting fingers to the keyboard — well, it can be overwhelming just thinking about it!   Professional ghostwriters can help make this process easier by taking care of all the details involved in turning your story idea into a finished manuscript ready for publication (and marketing!). He or she will conduct interviews with you

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