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Locations where the value of vacation homes has increased by more than fifty percent in recent years


There has never been a time when the popularity of owning a vacation property has been higher. The trend of working from home has led to a spike in the purchase of second homes throughout the country and even worldwide. Mexico and Italy are just two of the nations that have seen an increase in the number of real estate transactions conducted by American purchasers.   According to a recent analysis by the vacation-property sharing business Pacaso, the typical selling price of a second house in the United States during the first quarter of 2022 was up over 20 percent year over year. The business also analyzed the counties that have had more than a fifty percent increase in the value of second homes and ranked those counties in order of popularity. In all, there were six of these counties.   When compared to 2021, the median price of a second house in Valley County, Idaho, has increased by a staggering 98 percent since then, making it the undeniable winner of this competition. The county is home to the picturesque Payette Lake and the vacation town of McCall, both of which contribute to the vast number of options for recreational pursuits outside and throughout the year.   The county of Cumberland in Maine, which is located in the state of Maine, took the number two slot with a price rise for vacation homes of 91,3 percent in the first quarter of 2022. In addition to the three major regions that make up the county — Portland, South Portland, and Westbrook — it is also home to a large number of islands and coastal villages, such as Cape Elizabeth, that have a laid-back feel, spectacular ocean vistas, and a deep historical background.   Third place goes to the Texas county of Gillespie, where the typical price of a second house increased by 77.7 percent over the last year. It is roughly 74 miles north of San Antonio and about 83 miles west of Austin, and it is known for its numerous wineries, attractive vineyards, and pastoral vistas. These locations lure urbanites to the area:

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