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Play the popular card game Spades online. Team up with another player, bid a number, and take as many tricks as you bid to win the game. https://spadesonline.io   Spades and Game rules Teams There are four players and two teams in a game. And you team up with the player in front of you. Deal and turn are done in a clockwise direction.   Bidding Before starting a round, each player will need to bid the number of tricks they will take. It can be from 0 to 13. And your bid and your partner's bid are added together. Each team will need to take that number of tricks to get more points and win. Unlike other bidding games, Spades' game doesn't require the player to bid higher than the number of bids that the last player has taken. Be smart as you bid.   Cards The game uses the standard 52 card pack. After bidding, the cards will be shuffled and dealt. Each player will start with 13 cards from this pack. The card rank in each suit is: A (highest), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.   Playing Spades Each player hands out a card on a table. The card needs to have the same suit as the person who started. If you don't have any cards of the same suit yet, you can play any card. The special thing about this game is that if you play a spade card and there are no higher spade cards than yours in the trick, you will win that trick. Otherwise, you will lose that trick if you don’t have any cards that match the first card. Besides, if there are no cards that have the same suit as the first card, the first person will win that trick . The winner of that trick will be the first to play in the next round.

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