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9/3 Maintenance Break

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  Greetings my Lords, We are going to have a maintenance break on Aug 27(Thu) 19:00~01:00 (PDT). Break time may inevitably change depending on the internal circumstances. We are truly sorry for the late update notice.   For more information, please check below:   1. Equipment Promotion Update   @1. How to use the Equipment Promotion > Equipment promotion can be progressed from [More> Equipment Promotion] in the game.   @2. How to Promote the Equipment > Only red equipment can be promoted. > You can acquire 100% of the equipment of the upper star by consuming 4 red equipment of the same star with the same type of equipment.

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  @3. Promotion Fee

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  @4. Precaution > If you proceed with the promotion, the properties or enhancement grades of the equipment used as materials are not inherited. > Equipment used as promotion material will be destroyed.     2. Handbook Update (Scheduled for September)   @1. How to use the handbook > You can use the handbook system in [More> Handbook] in the game.   @2. Activating Handbook and how to level up > If you have yellow & red generals, you can activate the general in the handbook. > You can level up the activated general with the "Handbook Letter" item, and each time you level up, certain stats are given. -> In a specific section, you must level up with hero shards to advance to the next level. > Additional stats are given according to the handbook achievement level, and the stats are applied to all contents. > If you do not possess the general, the activation button is not exposed.

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    3. World PVP & World Arena Update (Pre Season) - (Scheduled for September)   @1. How to use World PVP & World Arena > Available in [More> Arena> World Arena] in the game.   @2. World PVP & World Arena Rules > World Arena represent one month as one season. > At the end of each season, player's victory points are reset and rewards are paid according to the ranking at the time of settlement. > After the end of the season, players who are within the 32nd place in the ranking will be given the authority to promote to the legend match. > The World Arena is operated on a three-game, two-win basis, and you can place 3 defenders. > The attacking player can set the rank of allies according to the enemy faction. > If you defeat all the heroes of the enemy, you will win and the game of the next unit will proceed. > The player who achieves 2 wins first is regarded as victory and the battle is over.   > At the end of World PVP, users who are within the 32nd place in the ranking will be eligible to participate in the World Arena. > In the World Arena, heroes of 3 units per user can appear, and victory is achieved by destroying all the longevity of the opponent. > The victorious unit cannot recover its heroes and will face the next match. > One match per day is held in the world arena and all users can bet. > World Arena winners can obtain titles and permanent profiles for a period of one month, and profile upgrades can be increased when winnings are accumulated. > The World Arena is divided into four groups of 32 users in the group stage and the finals, and each group is held every day when the World Arena opens.   @3. Way to Throne > Previous ranking record ※ Details will be provided in the update process.   4. Package reorganization (scheduled for September) > Limited special price, growth package reorganization   5. Other contents   @1. Honor ranking open -> Reopen the honor rankings that were interrupted due to an error.   @2. Changes in Limited General (Cao Ren -> Huang Zhong)   @3. Update package open (limited)   @4. Server stabilization   ※ We tried to proceed with the every updates on 9/3 (Thursday), but please understand that it has been postponed due to a lot of unstable contents.  

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