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Trust me, I've learned to distinguish between stuff that easily tarnishes due to our humid weather and those that would withstand the harshest of weather conditions. For this category, your old reliable gold comes to mind. The higher the carat the better. Snag, however, is many see gold as an everyday wear type of accessory, and not 'showy' enough for some dress styles. Take, for instance, you're dressed to kill for an owambe; what readily comes to mind in order to nail the hot look, is something catchy, e.g. costume accessory. Unless you can afford the very expensive large real gold accessory that would cost you an arm and a leg.

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    Jewelry has become an important part of everyday life since ancient times. If we go back to the Harappan civilization, you will know how people in that era also loved and adored jewelry. They were fond of jewelry and usually used wood, animal teeth, clay, etc. People wear jewelry for different purposes. Jewelry at not only makes you look good, but it also requires a big investment. These days, many people wear jewelry to show off their social status, while many still love to wear jewelry because of its sophisticated designs and patterns.