GM Choco BIbi LV.21 GameManager
Jun 22, 2020, 11:52 AM 179 read

Announcement about HCLW’s Skill error

◆ Notice

  Currently, HCLW’s Passive skill had old descriptions written. Dev team is currently working on it! HCLW’s S rank Passive skill is suppose to “Increase normal skill’s Critical damage when HCLW does critical attack.” However, right now in description it says “When HCLW uses normal skills, increases HCLW’s damage”, which is HCLW’s old passive.   Because it’s description was wrong, Users must have thought that HCLW’s passive doesn’t work properly. We are so sorry for the confusion.   Normally, skill description should be fixed, but we thought it’d be very frustrating for users who raised HCLW because it’d be a nerf.   We couldn’t ignore your efforts, and we discussed a lot about this issue. And we decided to change HCLW’s skill effects! His Passive will work as it is written in its current description. We will tell you when it’s applied!     Also sorry for surprising you so much. We will send 500 Diamonds to everyone to compensate the issue. Thank you so much for waiting patiently.   ___________________________   (2020/06/22 Applied)   HCLW’s passive skill is fixed! Please reconnect to the game :) We’ve also sent 500 Diamonds!      

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