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Jul 6, 2020, 05:13 PM 282 read

Big Update! NEW CHAPTER! Let’s Go for an Adventure!

◆ Event
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - Big Update! NEW CHAPTER!  Let’s Go for an Adventure! image 1

    NEW CHAPTERSS!!! YEAYYYY! MAX level cap is higher now!!! Time to BURN your AP~!!!!!!!!!!!   Just use AP and you are automatically participating in the event! Play game and receive rewards ٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶       1. Event Period   July 6th ~ Till July 19th 23:59 (Server Time) ~ Till July 19th 6:59 (UTC - 8) ~ Till July 19th 9:59 (UTC - 5)       2. How to Participate?   Use more than 300 AP in Lucid Adventure during event period! AP can be used in normal & hard mode, Soul Stone Dungeon and everywhere. Sweep also counts!     3. Event Rewards   300 Diamonds to everyone who used more than 300 APs during the event period!       4. Rewards Sent out date   ★We will send out rewards to your mailbox before >July 22nd 24:00 (Server) >July 22nd 10:00 (UTC-5) >July 22nd 8:00 (UTC-8)       ※ All timelines are linked with Server’s timeline. It may have slight difference with your device’s timeline (Client timeline) so please be aware. ※ Please understand that event periods and rewards can be changed due to Company’s schedules. When there are any changes of schedule, we will announce it under ‘Event’    

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