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SuperPlanet Housewarming Party Event!

◆ Event
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - SuperPlanet Housewarming Party Event!   image 1

Kyaah! The SuperPlanet Games have assembled to hold a cross event! Do our users also play Idle Guardians?! Or Evil Hunter Tycoon ?   If you go through Rebirth on Idle Guardians: Never Die, you will get a coupon for Lucid Adventure and Evil Hunter Tycoon’s global server!!! Just like that!! If you manage to clear 7 levels in Lucid Adventure, a coupon for Idle Guardians and Evil Hunter Tycoon’s global server will land in your mailbox!!   This Cross Event is for all our SuperPlanet users! Join the party and have fun!! ⁽⁽◝꒰ ˙ ꒳ ˙ ꒱◜⁾⁾   1. Event Period   From November, 30th 12:00 to December, 21st 11:59 (Server Time) Coupon period: Until December, 28th 23:59 (Server Time)     2. How to Participate + Reward Method   🎁 Clear 7 levels in Lucid Adventure! You will get a coupon in your Lucid Adventure’s mailbox that you will be able to use in Idle Guardians or Evil Hunter Tycoon!   ※ Users who already cleared the levels are included!   ▶Lucid Adventure Google Play Store ▶Lucid Adventure Apple Store     🎁Go through Rebirth in Idle Guardians: Never Die! You will get a coupon in your Idle Guardians’ mailbox that you will be able to use in Lucid Adventure or Evil Hunter Tycoon! Users that have already gone through Rebirth are included too!!   ※ If you have a hard time getting your coupon in Idle Guardians, don’t hesitate to contact the hotline!   ▶Idle Guardians: Never Die’s Google Play Store ▶Idle Guardians: Never Die’s Apple Store     🎁 Clear a dungeon in the global server of Evil Hunter Tycoon! A coupon that can be used in Lucid Adventure or Idle Guardians will be sent to your Evil Hunter Tycoon’s mailbox!   ※ If you have a hard time getting your coupon in the global server of Evil Hunter Tycoon, please contact the global server hotline! ※ This event is only open to the global server.   ▶Evil Hunter Tycoon Google Play Store ▶Evil Hunter Tycoon Apple Store     ■ Here’s how to use your coupon!   [Super Easy Coupon Tutorial]   ① Go to the Coupon site!

If you have an android, go to Options> Coupon!   ② Enter your coupon code! Be careful to distinguish between upper and lower case letters~!   ③ “Choose the Game” and enter the nickname of the account you wish to receive your reward on. If you enter it once, you won’t be able to use it again!! Check out all the information you’ve written before validating it! ④ Stare lovingly at your mailbox as you see your reward arrive!!     ※ Coupons are for single use. You can use it in only one game. ※ You can use only one coupon of the same type per account, and you can use one coupon only once! Example) If you obtain a coupon from Idle Guardians: Never Die and use it for Lucid Adventure, you cannot register the same coupon on the Evil Hunter Tycoon Global Server! ※ If you reset, the coupon gift will also disappear. Register the coupon and do not reset it! ※ Mail has a different storage period for each game. Please check the storage period! ※ Please note that the event content, schedule, and rewards may change due to the circumstances of the developer. ※ The event is conducted based on <server time>. Please note that there may be a difference from the time of the user's cell phone.  

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