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Let’s vote! Your favorite chapter?

◆ Event
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Event - Let’s vote! Your favorite chapter?  image 1

Shall we hold a voting session?! Let us know which chapter is your faaaaaavorite!!   It’s time to vote for the most popular chapter! ᗒᗜᗕ)/ If we have more than 30 participants, we will give you all a reward!     1. Event Period   From April 22nd to May 3rd     2. How to Participate   Use the voting system below and tell us which of these chapters is your favorite!

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Which chapter is your favorite?

  • Ch1 0
  • Ch2 0
  • Ch3 0
  • Ch4 0
  • Ch5 0
  • Ch6 2
  • Ch7 0
  • Ch8 3
  • Ch9 12
  • Ch10 1

    3. Event Reward   Vote for your favorite chapter! If we have more than 30 participants, we will offer all of our users Diamonds x300!!   Let’s see which chapter is the most popular!     4. Reward Send Out Date   The rewards will be sent to your mailbox before 24:00 on May 7th!     ※ Please understand that the event content, schedule, and rewards may change due to the circumstances of the developer. ※ The event is conducted based on <Server Time>. Please note that there may be a difference from the time of the user's cell phone.  

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