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Aug 8, 2022, 02:38 PM 57 read

Summer Event: Sky Garden Challenge!!

◆ Event
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You know what you need for this summer? A challenge!! The Sky Garden Challenge is an event in which you automatically participate when you use your Entry Ticket! Use a Sky Garden Entry Ticket and get a reward!!   Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!!!!💗     1. Event Period   From August 8th to August 22nd, 23:59 (Server Time)     2. How to participate   During the event period, use entry tickets in the Sky Garden more than 50 times!! This includes the entry tickets used for training~!     3. Event Reward   ■Event Reward: Diamonds x300 ■Reward Send Out Date: Until August 26th at 24:00.     ※ The event is based on <Server Time>. Please note that there may be a difference with the user's mobile phone time. ※ Please understand that the event contents, schedule, and rewards may be changed due to the circumstances of the developer.      

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