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2.4.2 Store Build Update Note

└ Update Notes
Lucid Adventure: └ Update Notes - 2.4.2 Store Build Update Note   image 1

Greetings! Today, I brought you update notes :)   There’s a lot in today’s notes! New Hero~ New Builds~ ! Store build does not automatically apply, so please make sure you download the new version at the store :)   “Update” button may become visible at a different time depending on the store/device.       [ 2.4.2 Version Build Update Notes ]   - New Guild Research Added   There will be a new research added for Guild War~! Guild research will become available when next season(June 29th 12:00 PM) starts. It won’t be visible right after the update, so keep that in mind :)   If it isn’t visible even after new season started, please try restarting! Time may change a bit :) If there’s a change, we will notify you!     - Fixed an error that you couldn’t enter Skin shop directly from Guild War panel   You can enter Skin shop from Guild War panel now!   - Sky Garden higher than 100th floor will now be displayed as red! It’s just to alert you that this is a high floor~ Difficulty didn’t change so don’t worry :)     - Minor Bugs fixed     After this build update, our dev team will be focusing on functions to make game play more convenient~! Next build will be about improving the game play! Yeah~!   Dev Team is doing their best to support you always :) Thank you for enjoying and supporting us.   Please contact us whenever you have something to tell us or report to us! Go to option>Contact or just mail us! Here is our address:     Thank you!    

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