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Jul 6, 2020, 02:38 PM 98 read

2.4.3 Store Build Update Notes

└ Update Notes

  Helllooooo everyone!   Time for the update notes! Just as we told you before, this update is more focused on making the game more comfortable!   Store build does not automatically apply, so please make sure you download the new version at the store :)   “Update” button may become visible at a different time depending on the store/device.       [ 2.4.3 Version Build Update Notes ]       - Improved Ego feeding button   We’ve added Select button for new tier equipment, and button to select Ego foods only.     - Can extract Soul stones with a single touch now   Not actually a single touch, but you can extract A+ grades and A grades Soul stones more conveniently now! Enjoy :)     Dev Team is doing their best to support you always :) Thank you for enjoying and supporting us.   Please contact us whenever you have something to tell us or report to us! Go to option>Contact or just mail us! Here is our address:     Thank you!      

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