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2.4.22 Store Build Update Note Information

└ Update Notes
Lucid Adventure: └ Update Notes -  2.4.22 Store Build Update Note Information  image 1

  Hello!   We have prepared a new version of Lucid Adventure! It is currently under store inspection!   In order to update your game to this particular version, you need to go to the store and make the update yourself~! It might take a while to appear even after this notice was published~!   Please note that the appearance of the "Update" button in the store may vary from store to store or due to the model of the phone you are using! Also, please understand that it is difficult for the developer to control the fact that the build update period in the store might be slightly different for each user. ~~   [2.4.22 Version Build Updates]   -Improved UI related to probability display The UI has been improved so that you can check more detailed information on crafting or enchanting! You can check it by pressing < i > on the crafting or enchanting screen!   -Arena replay function added You can immediately battle with the redo (repeat) function in the Arena! If the Arena rank changes during the repeated battles, the changed rank is applied and matched immediately. The rank-up display will appear later!   Please contact us whenever you have something to ask or report! Go to option>Contact or just email us! Here is our address:   Have a nice day with Lucid Adventure! Thank you for the support!      

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