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Feb 12, 2020, 11:28 PM 336 read

9 Tips to not regret your decision [Hetero]

└ Tips for New Gamers

Hi everyone,   So I've been playing mobile games a lot, and I would like to share some of my insight to boost your gaming experience playing Lucid Adventure :)   Without further a do, here are some tips: 1. Don't use your diamond for summon. if you open this forum you will notice there's a "Chance Up Event" page even though its empty right now. It's just my assumption but I expect there will be event where you can summon specific character with higher chance during limited period, this is where you should splurge (spend as much as possible) your diamond on summoning.   2. Don't let any type of energy/tickets full! this include Mat dungeon, Arena, AP (Meat), etc. because when its not full it will start timer to refill it back!   3. Save sweep ticket if you can! as I explained the importance of keeping energies below maximum, you should only use sweep ticket when you really don't have time to play! Try to use the auto repeat function on cleared stage if you are grinding for specific equipment!   4. Watch Ads for free reward, especially since you'll get stamp for watching Ads, when you get 24 stamps you'll receive additional 500 diamonds! why not right?   5. Join/Create guild ASAP! not only you can start accumulating contribution point, you can make campfire for free AP and diamonds   5.1 Join guild that kicks inactive players every 3 days! very very very important to keep your guild alive!   6. Buy green and blue background materials from shop, do not even bother buying grey background (because they can only be used to make tier 1 and 2 equipment), as you will start getting lvl 3 equipment in your 2nd day playing.   7. Spending gold on shop is not a bad idea, but make sure to keep enough gold to level up 5 character twice! (say your account is currently lvl 14 and you need 2k to level up character from lvl 14 to 15, keep at least 2k x 5 x 2 = 10k). There's a mathematical reasoning for the numbers but its too long to explain and I'm tired after writing so much :P   8. Focus on raising small number of heroes so you can spend more gold and focus enchant scrolls on their equipment (don't worry too much about sky garden, the boss power is reduced by 1.2% every failed attempt, so don't panic when your main characters are locked out)   9. Don't forget to login to grab your AD mail in the morning and evening!   There goes some of my tips if you guys like it I can post some advice on gem spending, or relic, or souls as well :)   Have a great day!

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