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IGN: Hys3 - Rando Tipsy (Tips for new gamers)

└ Tips for New Gamers

1. Especially for beginners, DONT BE AFRAID TO SPEND YR GEMS!!! You should spend yr gems to hire better heros, since it is unlikely you need to buy materials with your gems in early game. Also like what many people mentioned, if the 3 heros shown isnt good/what you want, Dont choose any of them, cause you can get 10% refund if you dont choose, increasing you chance of drawing A+ later on. But remember, DONT SPEND ALL YOUR GEMS. There will be Chance up event real soon (Prob this or next month, hopefully). You only need to get 2 A+ and a few A heroes for early game. 2. CONTRIBUTE to yr Guild (Thou this doesnt directly affect you at first) You should light your campfire as much as possible after you join a guild, (and also participate in others' campfire). The goal is to have guildmembers to build up this habit since you get contribution pts that you can spend later, and if you participate in others' campfire you also get AP (you need this for campaigns, its that meat drumstick thingy). 3. USE YR TICKETS LIKE THERES NO TMR!!! This especially applies to those who are not on the game 24/7. You always want to finish using your tickets (Under Challenge, which is beside campaign). The tickets take a long time to refill, and the rewards you get for playing are also useful/valuable. If you do not finish using, you will lose out on tickets that couldnt be collected because you hit the max number of tickets. 4. Check EVERYTHING The equipment system seems to still be a bit cookoo (yes GMs, 2 eq: one with 20 atk, another with 19 atk plus effect of 20 atk, auto equip will choose the first eq even though its not as good). So you need to sometimes check the eq to see if the best is being used. Also, Arena has 2 teams, an ATK & DEF team. Remember to check if you updated both to your best team, else you are going to lose scores because yr DEF team still has 4 B-class heroes at low lvl (Speaking from experience). 5. UPGRADE equipments You can enchant and reinforce equipments, so do that. Its a good way to improve yr team slightly if you find yrself stuck at a lvl and the boss is just a few hp from death. Pretty self-explanatory here. 6. Watch Videos for FREEBIES In the home page, sometimes there are chest (bottom left of screen). You have to watch a video to get something. Same for the chest that appear in your mail. After watching 24 videos, you can get a prize!! Plus you're supporting the devs so win-win. 7. HAVE FUN!!!

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