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└ Tips for New Gamers

B tier: Radish Kimchi.   (destiny/deal/PHY/Knucker)   * Note: - Alot player skip him because they got stronger hero but gonna usefull for some hell luck player like me. - later if you have Dark, you could replace him or rotate if one of two got banned. *Good:   + Easy to get, reinforce and promotion.   + Base damage at an avergave in B tier.   + Quick Recall Skills.   + Debuff Reduces armor. ( not many heroes with this skill)   + Usefull for climbing sky.   *Bad:   + He is B tier. This is the biggest problem. you get A you dump him and making kimchi sad, whyy.   + Useless in pvp.   + Skill 2 is single-target.   + except sky and before 3-5, he pretty much crappy   - Skill 1: Warcry.   Reducing damage taken by 12%   (as a dealer but however could be tanking, so he could contributed alot of dps even tho you builded him as tank)   - Skill 2 : Bone Crush.   Reducing enemy defense by 10% for 5s   (very useful when fighting boss or beating tank, can be combined with hero with a high-damage skill to one shot or rape some enemy).   *Thats all what i got now, im too lazy, tell me if im wrong or need to add something. Nuke team: OZ,Light,KimChi(Dark),Dacon

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