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AWTG’s Blockchain explainer – Non-fungible tokens (NFT).

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We’re starting our journey into the awesome world of Blockchain Gaming! Introducing the Non-fungible token (NFT). NFTs are one of the most exciting parts of the blockchain game ecosystem. Now we can go on and explain this all in highly technical terms. Using examples like lending a dollar to a friend and them deciding to pay it back with a bracelet. And how this works in a Fungible state but we want to make it more friendly for you.  

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  Imagine you had an awesome rune in Along with the Gods, or a badass leveled character with equipped runes. Now, normally the best you could do with such a thing is to use it in-game and then when you find a better one, move on. We say this is unfair. You invested the time to level up and play, so why should all that go to waste?   Well with the power of NFTs that won’t be the case, imagine that character is now useable in a different way in a new game, giving you some serious power-up. Or totally sellable to another player, with zero risks in the trade. Or if you’re not interested in either you can flaunt it for all the world to see, showing off that sweet item.   Pretty cool for one game right? Well, PlayDapp isn’t doing this for just one game, we’re applying this to an ecosystem. Meaning, any item you get in any game will unlock some awesome things in any game.   🔥NFT for the gamer!🔥   When it comes to NFTs for gamers there are some core things to remember, and these are where the awesome power comes from!   Unique – Each and every NFT is Unique, once created no other NFT will be the same. You may be able to make them look the same but each one is technically unique. This means that if you start trading them, you’ll always be able to trace the exact game item.   Limited Ownership – Each NFT is owned, it can’t be split or shared. This ownership is also independently recorded on the blockchain. This record is also 100% independently visible, and tamper-resistant.   This all guarantees that the NFT is verifiably yours, form uniqueness, history of ownership and trade, and to any enhancements and changes.   NFTs represent some powerful changes in the way that games are played. As well as how rewarding they will be. With our vision of NFTs and gaming, we believe that you’ll be able to play any game in the PlayDapp ecosystem and get the great gameplay you expect but in-game items will also be transferable between players and between games.

Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn: Tips and Guides - AWTG’s Blockchain explainer – Non-fungible tokens (NFT). image 4

Moving a game item (NFT) across games will be incredibly easy as rather than living exclusively in the game any NFT game item lives in blockchain wallet. – We’ll be covering this in another post, but for now, just think of it literally as a wallet that holds your valuable game items.   Not only that but, when trading items between players you’ll be able to use the PlayDapp NFT marketPLAce, which is a trustless and risk-free environment. On top of this, any NFT game item you sell will give you ETH, a cryptocurrency.   So, the key things to take away are, NFTs represent a brand-new way to own gaming items and, if you're inclined, make money by trading. NFT-ization of game items gives you control over your items. Letting you show them off, keep track of them, and store them securely forever via the blockchain.   We can't wait to start applying NFT and Blockchain technology to more games and we are sure that you'll find some awesome value in the future direction of Along with the Gods: Knights of the dawn!   Want to get more up to speed with NFTs? Read this awesome explainer document at     Ready to jump in and taste blockchain games? Start with PlayDapp's own CryptoDozer - totally free to play for 30 levels and with super easy gameplay.

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    Thanks a lot for this article! Keep sharing such interesting materials. Blockchain in the gaming industry isn't that spread but it starts being implemented. It will definitely fit in online games and in games of chances. I heard about the second case much. Say, on your gaming statistics in being recorded with the help of blockchain which makes it impossible to be edited or tricked. It definitely improves the relationships between gamers and the gaming platform. I think it's gonna be a trend soon because it looks prospective.