NovaEmpire LV.18 GameManager
Feb 22, 2021, 03:17 PM 749 read

23/02/2021 Update


"Maintenance time: 23/02/2021 03:00 (UTC) Estimated Duration: 3 hours NOTE: These features will be released on 23/02/2021. You will be forced to update Nova Empire to the newest version then, so please be sure to update as soon as possible for your convenience! * After this update, the levels and rewards of deep space battle simulation will be reset.   1. Timed Battle Simulation - Players can send fleets to complete brand new goals when Timed Battle Simulation starts. - The event is divided into several difficulties. Players will be able to reset the difficulties and replay all the chapters at the highest difficulty once they complete all the chapters. - Chapter rewards will be delivered at completion randomly from the reward pool, rarer rewards await you at higher difficulties. - Uncollected rewards will be stored into Lost Reward and kept till the end of the event.   2. Advanced Stats: Weapon Resistance   3. Others - Improvement of void whale's skill: Whale prioritize attacks larger ships to reduce the number of player's destroyed ships. - Various bug fixes and improvements.  

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