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Aug 11, 2020, 06:43 PM 3,167 read

12/08/2020 Update


Maintenance time: 12/08/2020 03:00 (UTC) Estimated Duration: 2 hours NOTE: These features will be released on 12/08/2020. You will be forced to update Nova Empire to the newest version then, so please be sure to update as soon as possible for your convenience!     - New Intergalactic Event: Hlidskjalf 1. Players will participate Hlidskjalf in Server basis. 2. In the Event Galaxy, every Server has its own territory. Players will be able to jump to the territory of their own Server. 3. Players will get a visa BUFF for four hours at every successful Station Jump, when the BUFF expires, their Stations will be automatically sent back to their original Solar System. 4. Players will earn Battle Points by eliminating Pirates and other players and collecting resources. Use the Points to exchange/unlock specific BUFFs to enhance your or even the strength of the whole Server. 5. The Event is divided into 4 phases, namely, Prewar Phase, Strategizing Phase, Engagement Phase and Occupation Phase. The battle rules and the Galaxy map will change with the battle progress.   - Bug fixes.

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