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Among Us Lore: The Beginning of a Nightmare (Part 1)

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Andromeda, Quadrant 44T2F, In Orbit of HIP 13044   Inside of a space station hovering around a metallic planet, a panicked atmosphere surrounded the crew members.     “What’s the status report?” an authoritative voice asked. It was the captain of the ship. Crewmembers would be selected from birth and were without names, they only went by colors. Each ship out on an expedition had 10 members, each with their own color and ship number. Captain red looked at his panicked crewmembers with a calm face, as to reassure them.   Purple stepped forward and said in a somber voice, “The reactors are on a meltdown, there’s nothing we can do to save the ship. I say we have a minute at best, 45 seconds if we are being grim.” Purple anxiously twiddled her fingers.   “Then our only option is to use the escape pods and regroup at the nearest emergency space center and continue our expiration of HIP 13044.” Captain Red commanded.   All the various crewmembers nodded their heads in agreement and quickly made off for their respective escape pods as red lights flashed and sirens wailed indicating the critical state the ship was in.   “When we get out there, our comms will probably be down due to interference from HIP 13044’s gravitational field so we won’t be able to communicate, be safe. Follow behind me and everything should go according to plan.” Red left these words as he ejected his escape pod and floated out into space.   The other crewmembers immediately ejected as well and all got into a formation. Just as the last 4 colors ejected, the space ship exploded into fiery flames. The formation was broken and the escape pods were scattered in each direction. Luckily, each escape pod had a forcefield, so they sustained very little damage. The problem now was that the formation had been broken and each escape pod had scattered beyond the line of sight. With no communication, they would just have to trust in each other to make it to the emergency space station on their own.   With each crewmember coming to the same conclusion, they all set off on their way. Not all of the crewmembers were separated, however. Red and Cyan both were blown in the same direction, so they quickly regrouped.   While they could not communicate with each other, the tacit understanding between them was more than enough.   As they were flying, they passed by an exceptionally large asteroid. If only they had known that this would be the end of their journey. Four sinister eyes followed the two escape pods with a ruthless and bloodthirsty gaze. The two pairs of eyes looked at each other, then flittered off towards the two escape pods.   At nearly the same time, both Captain Red and Cyan felt their pods shake and the lights inside dimmed.   “What the…” Cyan looked out of his window to see what caused the shaking but to no avail.   “Must have been a stray rock or something,” Cyan shook it off but just then, a tentacle came through the air duct and wrenched his neck until a crack could be heard. Cyan’s lifeless body slumped over to the side. An indescribable creature crawled entirely through the ventilation system and slowly entered the spacesuit as it consumed Cyan’s body, then assumed his appearance and along with it his memories and identity. “Cyan” licked his lips in delight at the information that there were 8 others like him all heading to the same place.   The same scene was playing out at Captain Red’s escape pod as well, and both lifeforms decided to feast on the other 8 crewmembers heading for the emergency space station.   With the memories of their victims in tow, they clumsily drove the escape pods in the indicated direction of the space station.     Purple was the first to make it to the space station, and as the team technician, she went around the ship to make sure all functions were operational. Close behind followed Blue, Orange, and Pink separately. They helped Purple with any repairs that needed to be done to ensure the other crewmember’s safety. The twins White and Black came together since they left in the same escape pod.   Lime and Green hadn’t stopped searching for each other since the split, so they eventually found made contact. They were a couple from birth, so one wouldn’t leave without the other. This made them lag behind the majority of the other crewmates by a lot.   The “crewmates” to make it to the scene were of course, “Red” and “Cyan”. Their steering of the escape pods had become much more natural over the course of the journey, so visually there was nothing suspicious about their approach. The initial mishap the original Cyan and Red got into, as well as the new “Cyan” and “Red” getting used to the controls had delayed them more than the rest of the crew.   “Captain Red and Cyan have made it safely!” Pink cheerily screeched as she saw the two escape pods approaching. She zoomed over to the hatch to welcome them.   “Captain, what took you guys so long?” Pink tilted her head to the side, clearly confused.   “I-it’s nothing.” a coarse voice echoed from the spacesuit.   “Captain, what happened to your voice?” Pink was frightened by the unfamiliar, rough voice that came from her Captain’s suit.   “Red” paused for a moment, then in the authoritative voice that each crewmate recognized as their leader’s he said, “I am just thirsty,” Red said confidently.   “Oh okay…” Pink trusted the Captain, so she did not read much into it anymore.   “Lead the way,” Captain “Red” gestured Pink that was twiddling her fingers.   “Ah, right!” Pink jumped to attention and lead the two “crewmembers” towards where the rest of the crewmates were.   The entire time, Cyan hadn’t said a word and quietly followed on the heels of “Red” and Pink.   As they were walking in the hallway, Pink would look back inquisitively at “Red” with flushed cheeks. She had quite the crush on Captain Red, his confidence attracted her. Snapping out of her daze, she noticed something off. She hesitantly said, “C-captain, are going to keep your helmet on?”   “Red” stopped for a moment, then he slowly put his hands on each side of the helmet and slowly removed it. A handsome, well-defined face was brought into view. He looked to be in his late 20s, with eyebrows that gave off a serious aura. Cyan followed suit by removing his helmet. His appearance was nothing to write home about, quite nondescript indeed.   Pink flashed “Red” an embarrassed smile and quickly turned around, continuing to lead the way. An evil smile crossed “Red’s” face but it quickly returned to his normally expressionless face.   Soon they came into a large space filled with seats and tables, it was a cafeteria. All the other crewmates were sitting down around two tables eating. They all waved towards “Red” and “Cyan” as they approached the table. “Red” and “Cyan” nearly couldn’t control themselves as they saw how many crewmates there were. They were visibly disturbed but quickly got their composure back. Fortunately, they were quite far from the group at this moment, so no one noticed.   White and Black turned to “Red” and said at the same time, “Captain, what took you so long?” Everyone stopped eating and turned to “Red” as they were all interested in his answer. Red shook his head and waved them off. They knew that no matter how they questioned, they wouldn’t get an answer out of “Red” and no one dared push the captain further. So everyone pushed the question out of their minds.   After eating, each crewmember went off to their lodging to get some rest as it had been a long day. After everyone cleared out, “Red” and “Cyan” looked at each other, nodded, then went their separate ways.   “Captain!” Pink cheerily tugged on “Red’s” sleeve and gave him a cheeky smile. The girl had come out of seemingly nowhere.   “You probably don’t know where the living quarters are, let me show you! We saved the biggest one for you.” The energetic Pink was bouncing on the balls of her feet.   “Sure,” “Red” gave a slight smile.   As they approached the room, Pink’s cheeks became redder and redder, basically turning more like a tomato with each step. Finally, they made it to the room.   “Here’s your living quarters, Captain,” Pink said as if under some sort of stress.   “Mmm,” “Red” nodded in response.   Pink still left despite her having no reason to linger. “Red” raised his eyebrows. “Is there anything else that you need?” “Red” asked the fidgeting Pink. “Me? Ah! N-no I-I-I just…” Pink stuttered incoherently. She was clearly quite distraught.   “Red” squinted his eyes, then smile and said, “Would you like to come in?”   Pink’s face seemed as if it would explode from the influx of blood that rushed to her head. “C-c-come in-n-n!?!?” Pink was on the verge of a meltdown.   ‘This is just how it happened in my imagination..,’ Pink was a mess for quite a while. In the end, she did agree.   “Red’s” emotionless eyes scanned the room, this would be his base of operations for the time being.   “Captain, there are an extra set of clothes in the closet for you, I’ll get them.” Pink anxiously looked for something to break the intense silence. As she turned her back, “Red’s” eyes suddenly dilated as he stared at the defenseless Pink’s back.   To be continued...  

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