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First Member of Peachy πŸ’—


Jaja (Minatozaki Jaja) is a Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper, member of girl group Peachy under KM Entertainment. Stage Name: Jaja (ジャジャ) Birth Name: Minatozaki Jaja (ζΉŠε΄Žγ‚Έγƒ£γ‚Έγƒ£) Birthday: July 21, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Cancer β™‹ Birthplace: Osaka, Japan Nationality: Japanese Representative Emoji: 🐯 Jaja Facts: - Family: Parents, and two older sisters - Specialties: Singing, Making Poem, Making Stories, Lie Detecting, Acting, Reading fast but still understand the statement. - Hobbies: Writing Poem, Writing Stories, Doing tiktoks (entertainments), Acting scences from movies, Eating, Laughing, and Teasing people. - Favorite Movie Genre: Horror, Funny and Romance - She loves Mocha Cake - She will trade anything just for ice cream and coke. - She became a trainee in 2017 - She like to bite her group mates. - Her favorite color is yellow πŸ’›. - She have a weird laugh. - She also love chocolate - Her Chinese sign is Dragon. - She is the most Protective and Funny member - She is Outdoor person - His favorite daily routine is Eating - She can Speak English ------------------------------------------------------------ #Peachy #KM_ENTERTAINMENT

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