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Third Member Of Peachy πŸ’—


Yajin (야진) is a Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist member of girl group Peachy under KM Entertainment. Stage Name: Yajin (야진) Birth Name: Kim Yajin (김야진) Birthday: February 17, 2003 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius β™’ Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Nationality: Korean Representative Emoji: 🐰 Yajin Facts: - Family: Parents, two young brothers and baby sister. - Favorite color: Purple πŸ’œ - Specialties: Singing, Dance and Draw - Her Chinese zodiac sign is Goat. - Hobbies: Watching K dramas, taking pictures, Hangouts, Eating and Drawing. – She has a habit of touching her hair often. - Favorite movie genre: Romance - She became a trainee 2019 - Her favorite snack's is STICK-O and piattos. - She is the most neat and sweet member - She is Outdoor person - His favorite daily routine is going out with friends - She can speak a little bit of English - She is very close to Cayeon - She is a foodie person - She is very sweet thats why all of her member is comfortable with her. ------------------------------------------------------------- #Peachy #KM_ENTERTAINMENT

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