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The Last Member Of Peachy πŸ’—


Cayeon is a Sub Dancer, Sub Rapper, Visual, Maknae, member of girl group Peachy under KM Entertainment. Stage Name: Cayeon (케이연) Birth Name: Park Cayeon (박케이연) Birthday: February 27, 2004 Zodiac Sign: Pisces β™“ Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Representative Emoji: 🐼 Cayeon Facts: – Family: Parents and old brother – Specialties: Rap, Dance, Acting, Sports – Favorite color: Pink – Her Chinese zodiac sign is Monkey. - She became a trainee in 2019 - Hobbies: Playing online games with friends, Going out with friends, Taking Pictures and Playing Sports - Favorite movie genre: Animation, Fantasy and Romance. - She is Outdoor person - She also loves online games - She is the most loud and friendy member. - She is a sporty person - His favorite daily routine is talking with her friends - She doesn't eat to much - She is always being teased by jaja πŸ˜‚(but not that bad just a friendly gestures) - She is very close to Yajin - She have many issues with food ------------------------------------------------------------- #Peachy #KM_ENTERTAINMENT

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