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2021-5-12 Patch Note


0.65.0(210512)   [EVENT] ■ Spring Future Special Battles – Event Battles - 1 week each forTiki, Niki, Philippa ■ The Rewards of 7 Days to Save the World has been revamped, all Saviors could join the event and earn the Rewards again. ■ Hundred Marbles Dice Festival will take place. - Hundred Marbles - Total Event Battle Keys use Event for Hundred Marbles Dice Festival. - Dice Adventue. ([Hundred Marbles Dice] can be obtained from Campaign, Conquest, and the Realm of Lore.)   [Products] ■ New products of Savior Pass have added. - Premium Savior Pass, Savior Pass - Premium Savior Pass and Savior Pass can not be purchased at the same time, this products is applied immediately after purchase, so you can't cancel purchase. ■ Gift Package of May have been added. - Heavenly Gift Package. - Legendary Equipment Selection Package. - Emerald Super Package. - Pandora Super Package. - Novastone Super Package. ■ Skins Packages for Spring Future has been added. - Savior, Philippa, Tiki, Niki ■ Sandglass of Promise in the Crown category of Cash Shop will be removed after this maintenance. ■ New Products have been added as below 7-Day Adventure Support Emerald Lite Subscription Emerald Special Subscription Emerald Premium Subscription Gold Premium Subscription Elite Pet Hatch Subscription Weekly Battle Key Package Monthly Battle Key Package Weekly Sweep Package Monthly Sweep Package Weekly Gold Package Monthly Gold Package Weekly Pandora Package Monthly Pandora Package Mysterious Star Fragment Package A Mysterious Star Fragment Package B Miraculous Meteor Package A Miraculous Meteor Package B Novastone Package   [Improvements] ■ "0~1" Available Reward of Conquest has been improved. Saviors who could earn at least one Reward after you clear the Conquest of the corresponding Grade. The Sandglass of Promise held by Saviors could be changed to Battle Keys, Sweep Tickets, Sandglass of Prosperity and Conquest Hot Time Support in The Sandglass of Promise Exchange Event. The Sandglass of Promise of Missions and Products will change to equivalent items. - Event Period : 2021.05.12 (Wed) 05:00 ~ 2021.0. (Wed) 05:00 ■ Lower the difficult on certain conquest boss - Battlefield 5: Shadow Wraith - Battlefield 6: Goblin Berserker, Twin Hounds - Battlefield 7: Cyclone Harpy, SnowpeakYeti, Skeleton Brothers, Leaping Broo - Battlefield 8: Lich Occultist, Goblin Beast Tamer - Realm of Lore: Volcano Harpy ■ Display Target has been improved, Saviors could lock on the monster by press the its icon during the fighting. ■ Recommended Status Effect of Attack Guide has been improved. ■ Guid Name change function has been added. ■ Rename function has been improved, you could check the new nickname even if you don't have the Character Rename Ticket. ■ Dismantle Equipment slots of Companion Equipment have been expanded to 30. ■ Continuous Up function of Companion Equipment has been added.   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fix an issue for Blaze Bastard skill Burn the sky, when you use burn the sky and companion skill simultaneously it would cancel Burn the sky. ■ Fix an issue when you pick Advent tier in the equipment collection the slide bar will not stay still. ■ Fix issue for Nikki secret skill 4 "Celestial Dragon Orb" does not aim toward enemy correctly. ■ Fix an issue when you select default Emotion under skin UI, when you pick another emotion, the message Basic emotions are not displayed during battle will keep appearing. ■ The monster Yeti has weird light reflection issue has been adjust under High Quality Graphic settings ■ Fix the issue when you acquire owned pet during sweep it does not show correct order. ■ Fix the issue for Galaxy Fold device when pressing skill icon in Companion System will enther skin section instead ■ Fix the issue after you press other area outside the Purchase window immediately to close the pop-up window, you will not be able to purchase the product.

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