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Mar 2, 2022, 02:45 PM 86 read

[Notice] Battlefield 10 update

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior: notice - [Notice] Battlefield 10 update video cover image 0

Hello Saviors,   With the update for 03.02, [Battlefield 10] has been added, and along with the update, the following changes will be implemented along with a few notices on board.   ◈Battlefield 10 ■ Battlefield 10 - Canyon of Conflagration has been added - Maximum level has been expanded to level 100 - This update will be divide into 3 parts. (Main Boss, New Mine, New Equipment, Equipment Tier 9 and Dispatch will be updated in the next 2 part's.) - Maximum upgrade for Main Weapon, Sub-Weapon and Armor have been expanded to T8+5. - Battlefield 10 Missions have been added to Collection ㄴ Equipment:Upgrade Missions of T8+5 have been added.( Main Weapon, Sub-Weapon and Armor) ㄴ Companion:Medal Missions of Battlefield 10 have been added. ㄴ Monster:Missions of Canyon of Conflagration has been added. - Items and Materials of Battlefield 10 have added to The Secrect Shop. ■ New difficulty "Abyss" of Special Battle has been added. ■ New Achievement Missions have been added. - Level up Character to Lv. 100 - Donate to a guild 5,000 times. - Obtain 60 main weapons in total. - Obtain 60 sub-weapons in total. - Obtain 40 armor items in total. - Obtain 100 accessories in total. - Obtain 400,000 Emeralds in total. - Get a Team Battle score of 150,000 - Disintegrate Crystals at Pandora's Unknown Workshoop 2,000 times. - Clear a Realm of Lore 1,000 times. - Level up Companion Ether Imprints 300 times - Open 4,000 Eggs of Authority - Sweep 4,000 times. - Dispatch Companion 3,000 times. - Discover the Secret Shop 5,000 times. - Buy from the Secret Shop 3,000 times. ■ Maximum level of the Guild and Maximum level of the Guild Building have been added. - Maximum level of the Guild has been expanded to level 80, and Maximum level of the Guild Building has been expanded to level 20.

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