Angel Niq Zuckerberg LV.2 Lurker
Apr 26, 2021, 09:27 PM 253 read

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As a veteran player, I have observed that a newbie account can't utilize energy well even the game is generous.   You should implement instant complete using energy without the usage of gold. Give it for free once, then make it a premium service if you want.   Increase the cap of energy twice too.   Do not allow guild members to leave when it's preparation   Royal Pass is BS.   Releasing Harpe on July 2021 gives us time for preparation. That's bad for business. People are aware of what is happening in KR server. Release him on 5/1/2021   Buff Lapis for PVE   PVP is boring! At least four characters should be hidden. Elesis can delete anything anyway   Bring back enlist system in guild war~!~ ============= Hi Chaser,       Thank you for sharing your feedback and your concern for new players.       You've made valid points on the list of possible improvements. Adding your suggestions would most definitely make it a better experience for everyone. Don't worry, I will forward your feedback about this matter to our developer team and we can assure you that we are continuously working to improve the game so we can provide you the best gaming experience that you deserve.       We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter.       Best Regards,   GM Redd   GrandChase Support

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