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[PATCH NOTES] Time Goes On

Patch Notes
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Hello Chasers!   In this update, the Chrono Tower reveals itself. Enter, if you dare, clear the three available modes, and obtain extra special rewards!   ※ The update on June 21, 2022 (Tue) will proceed without maintenance. ※ The details below are subject to change before the update is made. If there are any changes, announcements will be made on Moot.   [Event] ■ Clear all 3 modes to obtain ★6 Set Accessory Select Ticket, Soul Imprint Cube x250 Select Ticket, and more rewards! https://moot.us/lounges/401/boards/1908/posts/5449450/event-tick-tock-tower-trial   That’s all for now, Chasers! Do check back on Moot from time to time for updates.   Chase On! -GrandChase Team

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