gamer208190632 LV.1 Mootie
Apr 16, 2021, 04:16 AM 398 read



Is this possible for guy to get that high damage in WB ? His highest BP is less than 1m2k. If he is cheating is there anyway to get him ban ?

GrandChase - GLOBAL EN: Discussion - Cheater image 2
GrandChase - GLOBAL EN: Discussion - Cheater image 3

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  • MrPadoru LV.16 Jumpmaster Apr 16, 2021, 06:19 AM

    Report him to Kog

  • gamer707591667 LV.2 Lurker Apr 17, 2021, 12:01 AM

    why show only the last slot show all the slot and equipments he have.
    ///don't take me seriously :)

  • gamer208190632 LV.1 Mootie Apr 17, 2021, 01:38 AM

    I mean there is his name on the picture. If you currious then search him up. I showed the last slot because this slot have most of the heroes used for WB.

  • MrPadoru LV.16 Jumpmaster Apr 17, 2021, 06:03 AM

    well...his max bp is 1060k, he can't make it

  • ErvinHackermans LV.3 Lurker Apr 18, 2021, 11:08 AM

    ummm..maybe post this as a hacker report instead of discussion?