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Tribute to ervinxd


It's been 123 days since ervinxd becoming a ban victim by salty and jelly players. If he wanted to, he can flies a lawsuit to KOG. But nope, Ervin is such a great lad. In the first place, Ervin is busy with study and exam. Even the ban lifted, he won't return because he's already disappointed with KOG.

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Without further ado, let's hear what other people says about the man, the myth, the legend!   Can't be Rank 1 without Ervin's in-depth skill description lesson. -RQM, Rank 1 Asia player.   僕のちんちんはちいさい. -SO, former Rank 1 Asia player.   Ervin enlighten me to be the next SO. -YouJiz, Next SO.   Best member we ever had. -NeowMeow, Neko family.   Ervin's maybe gone, but his heritage is still with us. -MycaStar, Neko family.   Ervin is the best Dual Raid partner ever, we still can clear it but not fast as with Ervin. -Neko family.   Ervin remembered my Birthday when no one is. Even requesting GCRadio to sing it on World Chat, I'm so happy! -Iyenn, World Chat shitposter.   As tribute to Ervin, I changed to the lamest name ever: TUJAMO. -Impazz, World Chat shitposter.   Ervin making fun of my name into AiraDong. Well he's not wrong, because I love my ding-ding-dong. -AiraDo, World Chat shitposter.   Moo moo moo. -CowLord, World Chat shitposter.   Ervin is the one who teach me a way to entertain peoples on World Chat. -GCRadio, GCDC top entertainer.   It is hard to keep playing without Ervin, and the conclusion is: I'm following his step to retiring. -Uvhon, GCDC top influencer.   Ervin is the one who giving me tips to be a number 1 World Boss damage dealer. Well, time to retire too. -BOKE, former top Korea GCDC WB damage dealer.   I should've play in Asia server. -Xanthe, Rank 1 Western player.   From Asia server, Ervin is the only one who know I'm the No.1 player on Western. -Iime, actual Rank 1 Western player.   The reason we revives GCPC it's because Ervin was gone. The income for GCDC is lost because of it. This supposed to be a company secret but, once per month he always purchasing Premium Stamina package. -Anonymous KOG employee.   He is family. -Dominic Torreto, former car stereo thief, now saving the World.

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  • gamer235320084 LV.1 Mootie Oct 15, 2021, 06:25 PM

    we succ ervinxd dicc everyday
    -Neko Family