Manager Benny LV.21 GameManager
Aug 5, 2021, 04:53 PM 297 read

[Maintenance Completed] 5th August 14:30 - 16:50 (UTC+9)

● Notice
My Secret Bistro: ● Notice - [Maintenance Completed] 5th August 14:30 - 16:50 (UTC+9) image 1

Hello Chefs, this is Manager Benny.   The maintenance on 5th August has been completed.   [My Secret Bistro Server Maintenance Schedule] - Maintenance Period: 5th August 14:30 - 16:50 (UTC+9) - Purpose: Apply the New Update   ※ Once the Maintenance is done, the update of each App Store may be Depending on Google and Apple`s circumstances.   Thank you to every chef who has been waiting. Thank you.

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